Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is There An Editor in the House?

I read an interesting conversation on a loop the other day. They were discussing the decline in publisher website sales. I’ve noticed this too. While I haven’t had a new release from one of my publishers in almost two years, I noticed the decline back then.
With the Kindle and Nook, most are waiting for the books to become available on third party vendor sites. I’m guilty of this if I can’t figure out which version is for Kindle. Plus I can click the Amazon link and the cost is applied to my Amazon charge card. So for me it’s simple.
The conversation also talked about the money you could make from self-publishing as oppose of through a publisher. I’m on the fence with this one. I do both. I’m more successful with a publisher.
Why? I’m not sure. With my self-published books I only sell about 10-15 a month – all six combined. With my backlist of 25 books with various publishers I sell a ton more.
Here’s another issue – editing. I NEED AN EDITOR. I won’t deny I need one. The six books I self-published were edited with a publishing house. Sure, I checked them again and added some words, but they had a few rounds of professional editing.
Writers will be slammed if their books aren’t edited properly. Readers can be harsh and rightly so. If you pay good money for a book you expect it to be clean of errors. It drives me crazy when I’m pulled from the story because of a misspelled word. I once read a book where the author transposed the word from to form. It happened consistently throughout the book…it drove me nuts. Sadly, this wasn’t a self-pubbed book. This was from a publisher. So I guess there could be argument for the other side. LOL
Would I rather be self-publishing? Absolutely. Bigger royalties.
I don’t make enough in the self-publishing world to pay for an editor. So for now I continue to submit to publishers. I can’t help it…I need those editors.


  1. This is a really great blog. I cannot figure out the pattern. I've seen a huge increase with third party vendors, other than Amazon. I thought Amazon was the big boy on the block?
    I think ease of purchase has everything to do with sales. The only trend I see is a steady decline in direct sales from my publishers' website.

  2. Good question, Amber. The publishing world is in such flux it's hard to predict what will happen or which is the best way to go.

    1. It changes so much, Julia. It seems everyday is something new.

  3. I also have the bulk of my sales through third party vendors.
    Self-pubbing seems a monumental task! And I definitely need an editor!!


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