Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Risky Business With Dena Garson

My guest author today is the fantastic Dena Garson. Dena and I shared an editor and also partnered for an upcoming paranormal book series that will be soon be released through Ellora's Cave Romanica line.
Here's Dena:

Hi, everyone! *waves* I’m thrilled to be a guest of the Scribes again!
And I’m even more excited to tell you about my newest book with Ellora’s Cave, Risky Business.
Have you ever been sitting in a business meeting and suddenly realized the cute guy sitting across from you was far more interesting? Did you find yourself wondering if he was single, or if he liked eggrolls or maybe even how he kissed? Did you ever make a move to find out?
Those of you who have worked in a business environment know what can happen when co-workers move beyond a professional relationship. More often than not, those relationships don’t work out. But when they do… hooo! The sparks can fly.

Risky Business
By Dena Garson

Mia Sanford has been working with Jake Hudson for years. Despite their obvious attraction, neither has been willing to take the chance and act on their feelings. Even though, as they both discover, everyone in the company thinks they should have gotten together long ago.

When Mia becomes the target of an embarrassing betting pool at the annual office party, Jake alerts her to the danger. But Jake is the company playboy, and has never expressed an interest in Mia until now. Is he really looking out for her, or just trying to win the pool himself? Mia must decide if she can trust him not only with her reputation, but also her heart.

“Mia Sanford, where the hell have you been?” Robin’s voice rose over the noise of the crowded ballroom.
Mia rolled her eyes as she joined her two best friends, Robin and Mandy. Mandy elbowed Robin in her ribs.
“Ow,” Robin complained. “What was that for?”
Mandy whispered, “You don’t have to call attention to the fact that Mia’s been missing. Mr. Patterson could have been within earshot, you goof.”
Robin scanned the people nearby. “Oh.” She dropped her voice to a whisper. “Sorry.”
“It’s okay,” Mia said, resigned to the fact that Robin was just that way.
“Where have you been?” Robin asked quietly. “We were getting worried.”
“I had an, uh, an equipment malfunction.”
“What’d you do? Pop a bra strap or something?” Robin pressed.
“Worse,” Mia grimaced, not wanting to admit what the real problem was.
Robin and Mandy tried to suppress their giggles.
“Were you able to—” Robin tried to stifle another fit of giggles but failed. “Did you fix the problem?” she asked with a huge grin.
“No.” Mia looked around to make sure that no one was listening nearby. “I finally gave up and tossed them.”
Robin, in true Robin fashion, blurted, “So you’re going commando?”
Mandy elbowed Robin again. Mia prayed for a hole to open in the floor so she could disappear into the abyss. Unfortunately such a rescue would not be forthcoming. She took a deep breath and reminded herself that she really did love Robin like a sister and she shouldn’t kill her. There was little to be done about what everyone around them had heard so Mia shrugged and admitted quietly, “I’m afraid so.”
Both of the girls broke into a fit of laughter.
“Oh my God, that’s too funny. At the annual office party too.” Mandy added, “If Mr. Patterson only knew.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Mia mumbled. “You wouldn’t be laughing if it were you.”
“Well, there are advantages to going without,” Robin admitted.
“Really?” Mia asked with disbelief as she crossed her arms across her chest. “Do enlighten us.”
“If you pick up a guy in the bar, it saves a little time getting down to the deed.”
Mandy nodded her agreement. “And you wouldn’t have to worry about losing them at someone else’s place.”
Mia covered her eyes with one hand. “That is more information than I needed to know about either of you.”
“What?” Robin said innocently. “I didn’t say it had happened to me.”
Mandy snorted, “Yeah, right.”
“I need a drink,” Mia groaned.
“You want watered-down tea off the buffet or a real drink?” Robin asked.
“A real drink,” Mia said, with emphasis on “real”.
“Me too.”
“Let’s go.” They spoke in unison.
The three friends headed to the cash bar, pausing only long enough to say hello to a couple of coworkers as they passed. Mia was the last to get her drink and had just taken a sip when Mandy mumbled out of the side of her mouth. “Jake Hudson at one o’clock.”
Mia tried not to choke or show any reaction to Mandy’s statement. Thankfully the lights were low enough in that part of the room that the pink she was sure was staining her cheeks wouldn’t be noticeable. Jake Hudson was Mia’s longtime secret crush. They had always gotten along well when they had worked on the same project team, but Mia thought Jake was a bit out of her league when it came to personal relationships.
With his dark-blond hair, blue eyes and athletic build, Mia guessed Jake tripped over single women every time he stepped out of his apartment. She was far more comfortable in well-worn jeans and t-shirts. No competition against the urban chic-clad girls Jake normally dated. Not that she could wear her comfy-cozy clothes at work.
Robin stepped closer and added, “I think he has a thing for you, Mia.”
Mia’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Why would you ever think that?”
Mandy nodded in agreement. “I think so too. I’ve seen him watching you when you’re not looking.”
“What are you two talking about?” Mia couldn’t contain her disbelief.
“Seriously. I’ve been in meetings where he’s stopped listening and watched you walk by,” Mandy said matter-of-factly.
“That doesn’t mean anything. He was probably just bored with the meeting,” Mia suggested, still stunned that her friends would ever think that about Jake. She frowned as she thought back to all the times she and Jake had caught each other looking. Was it possible that her attraction wasn’t as one-sided as she first thought?

Happy Release Day Dena!


  1. Dena I apologize blogger did not like the docx. I'm so sorry.
    Risky Business looks good!

  2. That's okay, Kat - thanks for having me as a guest!
    And thanks for stopping by, Rose.

    1. Risky Business sounds like fun and I love the cover.

  3. Hi Ladies! Dena, I can't wait to get my hands on this book. I hope Barnes & Noble releases it soon so I can order a copy for my Nook. I'll put it right beside Kat's, Claimed by Dragons!

    Jen LaRose

  4. Risky Business sounds great - the cover is so really cute. :)


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