Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Taking the good with the bad.
Lately I’ve received an influx of reviews. There’s been a mixture of good and bad. I’m happy to say most have been positive. It’s the negative that sometimes leave me baffled.
One reviewer said if you can get past the heroine, the book was good. First and foremost I’d like to say, thanks for taking the time to buy and read my book. I really, really do appreciate it. More than you’ll know…I’m just confused. The heroine is a huge part of the book. If you don’t like her how did you like the book?
Talking with two other authors we’ve come to the conclusion we really need to look at the review itself. Is it poorly written, could the reviewer have a bone to pick? I’m not referring to the review above when I ask these questions. I’m asking them in general.
The truth is when I go back and re-read some of the reviews I have to take the comments with a grain of salt.
You can benefit from reviews though, even the negatives. I believe we can grow from others comments and critiques.
Another thing I hear a lot is “the book was great, I just wish it were longer.” I believe I’m not alone here. A lot of writer’s get this. In the beginning I’d get pissed and want to scream. It’s a f*ing novella, it’s supposed to be short. Now I’ve decided to look at the positive side of it. The reviewer wanted more. He/she wished it were longer because they liked it and craved more.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :o) Besides, it feels better when you see it in a positive light.
Yes, I read reviews. It’s just part of the writing game. What I don’t do is allow them to consume me with grief and heartache. I accept that it’s one or more person’s opinion and they have a right to express how they feel. How I interpret those opinions is up to me. 


  1. I'm always happy to know someone is reading my books and at least thinking about them.
    Readers/ reviewers are learning their way through life just like the rest of us. We all make mistakes or miss the point sometimes.
    There is no such thing as a universal author who pleases everyone.

    1. If we could please everyone writing wouldn't be challenging. :)

  2. I've stopped reading reviews. Good reviews make me happy but very often negative reviews simply confuse me. I think it's a function of readers not really understanding how to write a review. Once upon a time I did learn from negative reviews, but not from a one or two sentence review.

    1. There's nothing to learn from a one or two sentence review. :) Just that the person doesn't "get" the book.


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