Thursday, January 17, 2013

Foot Fetish?

Let’s talk female footwear!

Back in the day, gorgeous, sexy shoes and boots were my Achilles heel. I would gladly eat ramen noodles and turn down the thermostat if it meant I could purchase another pair! Slim heels, wedges, platforms, I loved them all.

Leaving Lady Gaga, the fashion runways, and bedroom f*ck-me-shoes out of this discussion, when did it become fashionable to wear shoes that you can barely stand up in?? What is sexy about a woman teetering, stiff legged, as if she’s a newbie stilt walker?

I was a nervous wreck as Golden Globe nominees clutched onto the helpers for support while descending the few stairs after leaving their interviews with Ryan Seacrest.

 And I’m relatively sure the popular stance in magazine pictures of one leg at a strange, tight angle in front of the other, is the woman’s valiant attempt to keep from face-planting on the ground!

These days, tennis shoes in many styles and colors are the only things that adorn my feet. At least I’m not worried about sustaining a mortal injury while walking from here to there!

Have a great weekend!



  1. I'm with you. I wore heels and nothing more when I was a bit younger. I couldn't imagine wearing the shoes they have out there now. Give me some flat boots or sneakers and I'm good to go.

    1. I get shin cramps when I see the commercial for the custom shoe website!

  2. Wearing today's shoes changes your gait so much.
    I love a moderate heel which these days means 3-4 inches! Heels that height used to be considered high, but no more.
    My friend taught me a few tricks with the heels.
    Look for a flexible base so your toes can shift and grip inside the shoe. A hard platform sole with no flex=injury and faceplant.
    The minute you decide to keep the shoe customize it!
    Buff the bottom of the sole with an emery board for friction. Don't leave it shiny. It looks pretty but you'll hydraplane on slick surfaces. You can also add an adhesive grip to the bottom.
    Add padded adhesive foot grips to the inside of the shoe to pad the ball of the foot.
    If it's a sling back add a small strip of adhesive padding to the strap so the shoe won't fling off your foot during a faster stride...
    If you're in a wedding or anything formal these are great tips to practice. Don't take new heels out of the box hoping for the best.

    1. Wow, fantastic tips, Kat!!! My daughter wears sky-high heels and I've watched her use fine grade sandpaper on the soles.

    2. You raised your girl right! : )

  3. I wear boots, but not high heels. In any case I was too busy worrying Anne Hathaway's giant head might break her shrinking body to wonder about shoes!

    1. I almost spewed water on my computer screen when I read this, Julia!! That woman definitely needs to eat a sandwich!

  4. Me too, love. I have only worn heels a couple of times since my hip surgery back in '95. And they were only 2-inchers (for Romanticon). I didn't even bother taking them with me this past October. Just wore my trusty velcro-closure sillies.


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