Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa, Baby, I want a new convertible, too. It's true.
But wait! I have one of those.
And I hear all that sun is bad for my skin.
So how about you bring me a new fur coat?
Nope. Got one of those, too, and my green pals tell me I shouldn't wear it. In fact, they get mad.
Okay. So I could use a new bathrobe.
Made from renewable bamboo?
What colors do you have, Santa?
Sick looking beige?
forget it.
How about more perfume?
No, I don't bathe in it, just spritz it on. Yeah, it is expensive...but wait. You what?
You think it's bad for others who have allergies?
Well. Can I just wear it in my own home?
I can!
Terrific. Bring it on.
What else would I like in my stocking?
World peace.
Hard to get, I know.
All those folks who pick fights with others are tough to convince. But you say some things are worth fighting for?
I agree.
But not everything is worth fighting about.
Like who gets to vote. When. Where.
Who gets to have citizenship. For what reasons. When and how often.
I thought we were talking about giving gifts to each other that matter??? No?
Just opinions that we can fight over at the Christmas day dinner table?
I thought all that ended Nov. 9.
It didn't?
Well, I am declaring a day of peace.
Forget the other gifts. I don't want 'em. If I can have peace on earth for one day, then forget the convertible and the coat, the perfume and don't fill my stocking.
Give me peace.
Thanks, Santa. And next year? Get this right waaaaay before December 25, okay?


  1. Cerise this was so funny!
    I need nothing for Christmas I just want to be with my family while it lasts. A few old souls are on their way out and this holiday is bittersweet.
    XxOO Kat

  2. BTW Cerise big congratulations for your CAPA nomination for best contemporary romance "MoreThan You Know" !!


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