Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Yes, I’m back on this subject again. :o) Here’s the thing. I read them and like to file away – good or bad. I’d like to say I never read them, but that would be a lie. The bad sting and the wound will smart for most of the day and then I move on.
One thing I can’t understand from reviewers is if you read a book from an author and you didn’t like it – why would you read another from the same author?
Going back to the fact that I used to review if I didn’t like a book by an author I wouldn’t read anymore of his or her books. I didn’t because I felt I couldn’t get a fair review. I bring this up because of a recent review Kat and I received. The reviewer said she read one of my Loose id books and didn’t like it, but wanted to give a co-authored book a try. WHY?
I’m all for constructive criticism. I’ve even agreed with reviewers at times. After reading a few reviews on this site, I don’t put much stock in the reviewer’s comments. Life is short and not everyone will like my books. I can’t worry about others think, unless they become the majority. Most of the time it’s a few disgruntled reviewers who have an axe to grind. 


  1. I try to read every review with an open mind and more often than not, I see the reviewer's point and take note. Helpful critiques are essential to a writer's growth.
    I object to the malicious "sport snarking" where a reviewer takes glee in tearing someone apart and immediately goes on to the next snarky review and the next.
    Again, I have to ask, if they dislike the authors and the genres, why are they spending their lives reading it? Are they hoping to build careers as professional snarks? lol
    XXOO Kat


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