Saturday, December 15, 2012

Is it Saturday again?

Just spelunking in my bookshelves for something old to re-read...

Do you do that, too?  This is only one set of many shelves in my storage room and bedroom...most of the books are in boxes in a storage unit, because I don't have room in the house anymore.  Oh...the book on the second shelf that is wrapped in plastic?  That's my grandmother's 1942 cookbook that shows you how to render fat, how to make your own candles, and how to make soap, as well as how to make from scratch so many things.  Love that old book.

In fact, I just went through my shelves to find some nice, nearly new, mint copies of dozens of books to give to the women's shelter and to the libraries in this area.  I never realized how many of my books on these shelves have covers painted by Jon Paul!  Holy moly!  That guy is prolific, isn't he?

Every Christmas I try to go through my books and give gifts of the nicest ones.  I don't bother to try and give away my own books anymore...nobody enters the contests when I try. (Is that a hint. or what?)

A dear pal of mine, Cris Anson, ships many many books off to the military every Christmas.  I commend that action.  We often forget that there are people who don't have ready access to books, and who might appreciate a few.  Not sure how many of mine they would want, because the books I write are not exactly on the proper reading list for military personnel. LOL!

Just ten more days until Christmas, finish up your shopping, and get on your knees to thank God that your kids and grandkids are safe and sound in your arms...pray for those who have lost their precious ones...and pray for an end to the senseless rages that kill so many innocent victims daily.

God bless us, everyone...


Fran Lee


  1. Haven't you heard...Fifty Shades has made erotica acceptable. ;)

    You're right though, hug your kids, grandkids, family members. This world is increasing growing crazy. Never take for granted the time we have.

    Hugs ya lady!

  2. Merry Christmas Fran. I will be hugging the kids a lot!

  3. Merry Christmas, Fran! That's quite an impressive collection of books!


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