Saturday, December 8, 2012

I have decided to stop doing contests and giveaways...

I have done a number of online giveaways lately, and the response has been nil to most of I have decided to just "Grinch" out the holidays.

I have no upcoming releases. No special contests. No nothin'. I have decided to go out into the frozen garden and dig up a healthy wad of earthworms and feast on them.  Sigh.  No.  I don't like the flavor of earthworms.  But I will definitely sit back and relax through the rest of the holidays.  No more giveaways. 

Please have a marvelous Hannukkah and a fabulous Kwansaa and a Merry Christmas.  

Oh...for those of you who are members of my Fran Lee and Friends Yahoo Group, the deal is still on.  That is the only place where I will be doing anything remotely like a holiday giveaway.




  1. I feel like I have a billion giveaways coming up, and no idea if they will accomplish I get it. I think we all need to Grinch out now and then :-)

    1. Contests are tough to get people to go along with. Everyone is so busy and stressed, especially this time of year.
      The only giveaways I do are with multi-site events.
      I try to make it easy on everyone and just let it go.
      XXOO Kat

    2. Lena, you are so right. The same few entered all my contests over the past three years, and the same few people would win everything. The whole point of giveaways is to get more readers to get involved. I never mind giving freebies, but I like to see more people get the prizes.

  2. Kat, boy, do I know. Say "contest" and people run for the hills. Often, they don't even bother to enter giveaways because they simply don't like the books being offered. I don't write kink and I don't write m/m or BDSM, so my stuff is getting to be old hat for readers, I guess. LOL!

    1. Romance is never old hat and you write hot shifters too!


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