Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sex and the American Woman

Late the other night I was buzzing TV channels in hopes I could find something mindless that would put me to sleep. I stopped on a program about sex in America. Not only did it not help me drift off into dreamland, I watched the entire two hour program and was more than a bit crabby the next morning when my alarm clock went off!

This show was examining sexual practices, preferences, and attitudes in comparison to data collected by Kinsey in the late forties and early fifties. I found a number of things extremely fascinating. For this blog, I'm going to stick to female-centric items because, well, I feel like it!

1.  Of the numerous experts; medical doctors, therapists, educators and researchers, all but two were female. My immediate assumption was that the show itself was produced/directed by women, but the credits proved me incorrect.

2.  There was a great deal of discussion about female orgasms. I was shocked to learn that of the thousands of heterosexual women interviewed in the 40-55 age group, +30% had never experienced an orgasm except during masturbation. Sounds to me as if the problem is with the man involved!

2a. It was noted  that when three different sexual acts were indulged in during one sexual encounter, +80% of women achieved orgasm. Makes sense to me - keep trying until you find something that works!!

2b. Women were surveyed about the fantasy scenarios they use during masturbation. Almost all had Dom/sub elements, but only an extremely small percentage of the woman had shared their desires with their partners. Come on gals, speak up - give your partner a chance to fulfill your dreams!

3.   The number of women admitting to engaging in anal sex was under 10%. This surprised me greatly. The research encompassed women ages 18-70. I get how sixty years ago, even women willing to participate in bold sex studies might have shied away from discussing such a perceived taboo act, but in 2012? I'm calling bullsh*t on the participants regarding this question.

4.   An impressive number of women said they'd participated in a menage. I can't quote the percentage, my admiration and jealousy prohibited me from retaining the number.

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  1. Very interesting. I agree if the woman isn't having an orgasm except during masturbation it's the mans fault. Though the woman does have to speak up and tell him how to achieve the goal!

    1. I think communication is key to a fulfilling sex life!

  2. What a deliciously naughty post!
    I have to chime on the anal sex comment...
    In another study done on men (I wish I could remember the source) the further back in time the study went, say WWII to 1960 men claimed more incidences of anal sex with women at a younger age. In fact it was very high.
    Yet women of that same age group claimed almost zero incidence of anal sex...
    Um. I think we have an honesty issue here.
    The researchers discovered on second interviews with these men that they were used to protecting their girlfriend's reputations. In an environment where virginity was highly prized and dependable birth control hard to come by, good old vaseline and anal sex was much more common.
    Naturally the men had fond memories of it and were keen to keep the secret.
    Apparently our grandmother's have no comment on the matter : )
    Perhaps we should bring this up with our elders at Christmas? lol

  3. I have yet another thought on the anal sex thingy...most women may not have admitted to it because their partners were more the 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am" type who created a painful, unappealing encounter. The one with the cock would undoubtedly enjoy it, but most of us who experienced the ofttimes painful, non-orgasmic act would have tried very hard to forget it. My ex wanted to do that all the time. Unfortunately he had not the foggiest notion of how to make such an act pleasurable to his partner (moi) nor did he ever once try to get his partner (also moi) hot enough to want to do it...and so the answer was just about always a screaming "NOOOOO!"

    I can make anal sex sound and feel hot in my novels, because the heroes I write are great men with some brain power...but if asked if I had ever "enjoyed" anal sex, the answer would have to be a resounding negative.

    However, I am more than certain there are a number of males alive today who know how to get a woman off during consensual anal sex. And if you ladies are lucky enough to have found one of those rare birds, I can see why you don't run away shrieking and hiding in a corner at the very mention of anal. :)


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