Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Cover Art Alert

I have a new book coming 12/25 from Loose Id. It starts on Black Friday and ends on New Years Eve...with a fun stop on Christmas. ;)


Trust isn’t something Patience Middleton gives very often, especially in the bedroom. She’s been looked at as a slut for wanting more than a vanilla sex life. When she meets William LaBorde he’s offering more than she can handle. William wants to know all her deepest darkest desires in the bedroom. He’s sexy, sweet and willing to make all her fantasies come true.
Patience gives in briefly until William gives her a familiar look of what she perceives as disgust. William convinces her, his only wish is to make her happy in the bedroom, against the wall or under the Christmas tree.
Things go awry when Patience dream fantasy turns into a nightmare. Can William save the day and will she finally give herself to him; body, heart and soul?

Oh and a huge special thanks to Kat for helping me find a title!!!! 


  1. I love this cover! It's so sexy! Congratulations Amber.

  2. Wow, congrats! Another book so soon - I don't know how you do it.

  3. That's all folks! :) I have nothing else except old Aspen Mountain books I'll re-release.


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