Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Zombie Duckies were a HUGE success...

I took about a zillion...and came home with six...
And a good time was had by all...

I only go to one convention each year, because I cannot afford more than that. I go to Romanticon because I have many friends who attend, and it is a wild party thrown by my publisher, Ellora's Cave. I enjoyed meeting new friends and old friends. And I certainly enjoyed the festive atmosphere, the great workshops, the Cavemen, and the excellent hotel.

I uploaded over 180 photos to my Facebook album called "Romanticon 2012" so feel welcome to come on over and just might be in there!

I had so much fun talking with new friends, renewing old friendships...signing all four books that I finagled readers into buying by telling them to go find Georgio and have him sign their books, too. (I know...totally shameless)...and so on.  Some authors had half a dozen different print books on their table...I had one. I guess I'd better get my fanny in gear and write a lot more.

Thanks to Cris Anson for being my roomie again this year...and to Laurann Dohner for being so kind...and of course thanks to Jaid Black for being the great boss she is. 

Please go over and look over the photos.  Just click on the link above.


Fran Lee   



  1. The photos are great. I wish I could've gone this year. Maybe next!

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    1. Its sounds great! I hope I can be there next year too.

  3. I attended the first Romanticon and hope to get to another one - it was great fun!


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