Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Strix is Getting Great Reviews!

Today I want to share a couple of recent reviews  “The Strix” has received.

The National Examiner gave The Strix 4 stars!
Reviewer: Acquanetta Ferguson
“When I started reading this book, I didn't know where it was going to take me, but by the time I finished I was ready for book 2. There are elements of Greek Mythology and vampire lore interwoven around the tale of reincarnation, making this an incredibly interesting read.
In this book, The Strix are witches of vengeance who create their own warriors, which are brave, strong men who become infused with the witch’s evil by becoming an immortal being who not only lives for the kill but also for the blood. Unlike other vampire type stories, these creatures can have sex, but they can never be satisfied. In fact they are created by sex magic.
I loved the idea of these creatures being created in such way. But the book is not focused primarily on the vampire element, instead it takes the reader on a journey to the distant past as well as the present, as it is Arcona who in the past vows vengeance. The Arcona in present day, while having the same name, has no idea what she has done, because she has been reincarnated with a clean slate.
But the cosmos conspires to bring her back to herself, where she undoes the damage she has created in the past.
There is also sex that Arcona is having with multiple men in order for her to create her army of men. That is what made me realize that this book is not your typical romance, and I was ok with that. I love how Arcona, when she remembers her past, is truly a different person than the woman bent on her enemies ultimate destruction. She is truly sorry, and gives Tyr back his life.
Overall I really enjoyed the book. It kept me intrigued from beginning to end and the going back and forth in time just worked.
I give the book 4 stars and recommend this book for collection.”

This is what Ezrabet Enchantments Reviews had to say about 
The Strix-5 Stars!

If you enjoy books with a historical and contemporary flair, then give this one a whirl. Witches, gladiators, blood, curses, betrayals and of course, some sexy vampires with attitude problems. I loved it. When the book opens up, we are in the past as a priestess tries to find her calling. It comes in the form of blood and fire. Next, we are in the present, wandering the streets of Salem. I am a sucker for witch stories, especially in Salem. 

I loved the flow of this story and the imagery. You can smell the arena, the gladiators and feel the anguish of the characters. The dialogue is spot on and the erotic scenes are super hot. I hate giving too much away, but if you enjoy an adventure that crosses time, curses, vengeance, hot sex and some hotter vampires, then this book is for you. There are some elements of f/f erotica and anal play, but that only made the story even hotter.

Erzabet’s Enchantments blogspot:

Also Loose Id Publishing has “Claimed By Dragons on sale this week!

In much sadder news most everyone who follows the romance community on Facebook already knows one of Ellora’s Cave favorite cover models and Caveman is gone.
“Angelo” Ruben Dario Riguero- Brito was shot and killed outside a Dallas club early Sunday morning and he will be missed by many.

I remember the day I received my new EC book cover for “Sugar Roux Voodoo” and being completely thrilled that Angelo was the hero. There was a sweet warmth about Angelo that made him a great favorite. I don’t believe anyone will be taking his place any time soon. He was special.

RIP Dark Angel



  1. Thank you for dropping by!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Awesome reviews, Kat/Amber!! May you prosper greatly from this wonderful story.

    About Angelo - wow, talk about life sucking at times. Poor guy. And his poor family. RIP beautiful man.

  3. Thank you Tina,
    I'm going to miss Angelo. He was hands down my favorite EC cover model. What a loss to all.
    XXOO Kat

  4. Oh my gosh, horrible news. I'm so sorry for him and his family.
    Congrats to you two, but wow, the bitter and the sweet.

  5. Hello Julia, Angelo leaves behind a six year old son and that's one of the saddest parts of this tragedy.

  6. One of the kindest, loving souls I have ever met.


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