Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Love October!

Here in southeastern Michigan, the fall colors are in full bloom! Vibrant orange and red leaves share space with yellow and still green ones. So far the temps continue to be mild, and sitting outside, especially in the early evening, is a favorite past time of mine. I love watching the huge, billowy clouds travel across the sky and listening to the leaves rustle in the wind.

Last week my daughter and I enjoyed a very Halloweeny experience - we were in the 25th row at the Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson Twins of Evil concert!!! It was at an outdoor theater, on a blustery and rainy night.

What I haven't done yet  is figure out what my costume will be this year!? Dressing up is expected at my office, and since I volunteered to be in charge of the luncheon food, showing up in a lame outfit is not an option. Last year I completely copped out by dressing all in black and donning a witch hat with stringy purple hair. Before that, I was Heather from the Blair Witch Project, and despite my attention to every tiny detail, only a few people understood who I was. I love doing ultra-gore, but my boss has forbidden me to repeat anything close to my 'slasher victim' and 'going through the windshield in a car accident' costumes - apparently those seated across from me had difficulty eating their lunch!

I'm going to do some Googling and probably hit a costume store this weekend, but I welcome any suggestions!

Have a wonderful weekend~



  1. I'm going to tackle some ornante make-up this year that I failed at last year. I want to go as a painted sugar skull or a leopard face.
    Last year my husband dressed as a pre-Colombian Peruvian King, dripping in gold. He wore the costume to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the annual Dios de los Muertos celebration. His costume was as big as a Vegas showgirl with a huge feathered crown and gold armor. We crawled through the crowd because the costume was so big and everybody stopped him every couple feet to take a picture. The worst part was with all the fuss getting ready, our camera wasn't charged! I have no decent pictures and I'm hoping some end up on the Hollywood Forever site someday.

  2. Zombies are always fun and easy to pull because you can actually pull body parts

  3. Kat, make sure and take pictures of your makeup!!
    I was actually looking at zombie pictures earlier today - I love those guys (and girls)!
    I have come up with a costume idea which is very specific to my job and I think co-workers will get a kick out of. I'm still in the decision making phase.

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    1. Zombies are always work specific! Every office has one. Tell everyone you're going as the Monday morning zombie.

  5. We get so few kids I don't dress up. I put a costume on my dog. Usually a baseball jersey. I do love October, but it's not quite so pretty out here on the west coast. How I miss the Midwest!

  6. Hey Julia!!
    We dress up our dogs, also! This is the first Halloween for Butch the chihuahua mix and we got him a white shirt collar with neck tie like the Chippendale male strippers wear!!!


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