Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gotta love Facebook...

You learn all manner of odd facts...
If only...

Don't you find yourself wishing that stuff like this would happen?  That you could post something to FB and money would fall into your lap?  So many folks "share" this stuff in high hopes, then forget about it.  Me?  I post it and count the days.  Sigh.  Never seems to work.

Of course, it's all a line of bull.  Most months have at least three sets of "5". Check it out on Snopes. Only once every 800+ years? Go on...pull the other one. three days I will be winging my way to Ohio for Romanticon.  It will be five days of travel, standing on my aching feet, laughing my butt off, meeting old and new friends, and generally making merry.  Then I'll fly home and take ten days to recover from the stress of the flights and the change in altitude and...

No matter how much fun such a convention is, it takes a lot out of a body when you are as old as dirt. LOL!

I'll take loads of pictures, and buy loads of books and bring back more than I took.  No...I think I will ship the books I buy home so I don't have to lug 80 pounds of stuff through the airport. 

Wish me luck!



  1. I have a special resentment of the glittering angel messages that promise a blessing if you pass them on or personal tragedy if you don't!
    Is that how angels operate? I don't think so.
    XXOO Kat

    1. Depends on which area of the cosmos he/she is tied to. LOL! I doubt that the heavenly type would do that, but you never can tell about the ones that represent the the "other" guy.


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