Saturday, October 13, 2012

At Romanticon!

So much to much to do!
Meet Caveman Justin! They say that good things come in small packages...and in his case, they are soooo right! Just about my, cuddly, and athletic. I tried to pack him up to our room (Cris Anson and I were roomies) but he'd already heard about us, and he fought too hard to escape. Darn.

  Can you say "Tall, blue-eyed and gorgeous"?

Ryan hails from South Africa and has the hottest accent...sort of a cross between Aussie and Cajun. A bit taller and heavier...(I wouldn't be able to squash him).

  And then there is Christian...huge and hunky...

And the cover model for Licking Her Wounds. His favorite pose is a wide-stance with crossed arms. And boy, are those arms powerful!  Here is the cover for a quick comparison...

  It's always fun to talk to the guys who grace our hot covers...

Had a blast!  Check out my Facebook pages for 180 photos from Romanticon!

Fran Lee

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