Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One More Week

Until the release of Claimed by Dragons. Here's a little taste to whet your appetite!


Jael returned to the office Friday morning feeling less than enthusiastic about having to come back a day before the weekend. Technically she was losing a vacation day, but it couldn’t be helped.

Today was a crisis day. The entire photo spread she’d planned for the next issue of International Explorer had been axed for legal reasons, and she had to find a decent substitute fast.

At least her time in Salem with her girlfriends had been fun. Too bad the fun was over. She yawned with boredom. The reality of a job that had lost its creative edge was beginning to get to her.

She hunched in front her large-screen computer, quickly scrolling through hundreds of stock wildlife photos, liking none of them. Most of the photos were immediately familiar and had already been used too many times in International Explorer’s magazine and television network promotions. “I should be looking at my own original photos. I need to get out of the office and work,” she muttered.

“It’s true. Those should be your photos.”

She swiftly turned and saw Kypton looking directly at her with brilliant blue eyes and an almost breathless expression on his face.

“Good morning.” She gulped a stunned breath. “Everything’s fine,” she mumbled. She felt a nervous smile burst across her lips. Holy crap, Kypton was gorgeous up close and a bit taller than she remembered. “Believe it or not, I’m not having any IT problems today.”

Kypton moved a little closer and smiled. He carried the fresh, clean scent of some decidedly masculine deodorant soap and mint toothpaste. “Do we have to have an IT problem to say hello?”

She was shocked. Kypton seldom initiated conversations. “Not at all.”

“I’ve seen some of your photography.” Kypton looked away shyly. “When I did the data retrieval on your crashed computer last summer, I saw your photos.” He blushed. “I wasn’t spying or anything like that. I was just making sure the files would open for you.” He swallowed uncomfortably. “Your photographs of the Grand Canyon and the Moab desert were stunning.” He glanced at his shoes. “I think you’re very talented and brave to fly over the canyons to get those pictures.”

“I was pretty scared flying an ultralight that close to the ground.”

“That’s normal. Most people are scared until they get used to the feeling of hitting a warm updraft and soaring higher. It’s total freedom.” His face lit with excitement. “Once you’ve felt that, you’re hooked.”

She looked at the shy, quiet urbanite, thinking it highly unlikely, but asked Kypton anyway, “You sound experienced. Have you flown an ultralight?”

“No.” He suddenly looked uneasy and stepped away from her desk.

“Do you have a pilot’s license?”


“Have you flown in a glider, perhaps parasailed?”


“I just got back from Salem, so I’ll take another angle. Do you fly on a broomstick?”

“No.” Kypton actually laughed, exposing a fetching dimple on the side of his sweet smile.

She wanted to know more about Kypton. He was something of an enigma. He spoke so little and never just wandered over to her desk simply to talk. If she missed this opportunity, it might never come again. “So tell me, how are you flying?”

Kypton spread his arms wide, flapped them up and down, and screeched loudly like a pterodactyl.

People down the hall craned their necks to see what was going on in the art department.

Jael laughed out loud at Kypton’s unexpected antics. This was so unlike the usually dignified and reserved man. Somebody must have spiked the poor guy’s coffee. “You’re a total geek!” The words blurted past her lips before she could stop herself.

Kypton stopped flapping his arms and appeared sobered. “Is that what you think of me? I’m not a demigeek. I’m a total geek?”


  1. Woo-hoo sounds awesome. I can't wait!!

    1. Thanks Marie! It truly was a fun book to write. I love Kypton and Roarke.

  2. I second that! I fell in love with Kypton and Roarke too!
    XXOO Kat


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