Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Think I Did It Correctly?!

Last week I mentioned being unable to post a picture to this blog. As evidenced by the above image, obviously the problem no longer exists. Do I know if it was my fault, a Google blogger issue, sun spots, bad internet karma? Nope and I shan't worry my pretty little head about it anymore. I bring this up to add insight as to why the following event was such a big step for me.

I set up a Tessie Bradford Facebook page!!! Now by "I" I mean my daughter sat at the computer with me, guiding me through every aspect of the process, rolling her eyes at my questions and harrumphing each time I was hesitant to hit a key! We made it through with no slapping, yelling or storming away, so go us!!

The page is a business not personal one because I'm simply looking for another way for readers to be able to "discover" my books. Also, some sites I've tried to post comments on recently require a Facebook log in? I don't understand this, and don't know if having a business page will alleviate the problem, but I'll find out.

My technology-weirdness never ceases to amaze me. A large part of my day job is spent trouble-shooting and supporting highly customized (I was on the team that developed our program) weigh scale software, but I practically panic when a text message appears on my grossly outdated cell phone!?!

Oh well, I need to finish some hand-written correspondence and balance my checkbook using an abacus before I get back to penning my next e-book!

Have a great weekend~


  1. I'm inspired. I have to update my Facebook page and I just don't want to do it.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Okay, I didn't know either of you were on facebook. Why aren't we friends????

  3. I sure didn't want to do it either, Kat!!

  4. Amber,
    Because I set it up as a business page, someone can only 'like' it. There is no friending, nor can I search Facebook personal pages.

  5. I have both a fan page and a "personal" page under Fran Lee. Of course I don't put any of my REAL personal info on Facebook or Twitter...I use my author persona for everything. I never put my address or my family on my page. If friends or family post to my wall, the don't show up as "son", "daughter", or whatever. I prefer to keep them as private people. Even on my website and pages, I keep all my info professional rather than personal. Glad you got on there, though.


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