Saturday, September 29, 2012

Contests are over and winners have been sent their prizes...

And now it's time to flaunt the latest cover...
This will first be on sale at Romanticon at the book signing.  But the official release date will be November 23, 2012.
My menage collection...

I would love to see Hallie's Cats and Licking Her Wounds released in a print collection...
So...what's next?  All my finished books are scheduled for this means I have to get back  I have been playing with two or three wips, but not doing much in the way of adding thousands of words.  I am playing with a possible sequel to Jillian's Job...she has lots of hot, sexy big brothers.  Trying to decide which ones I want to write about. about her twin older siblings finding a woman to share?  That's something to chew on for awhile.

Here is a tidbit from another wip that I have been working on...

Sex for My Mercenary
Copyright 2012 by Fran Lee

She needs me?

What a crock of shit. Last time he’d let that phrase sway him, he’d been screwed out of his R&R as well as half of his off-time compensation. No way was he gonna feel sorry for that woman. Once was enough as far as Kale was concerned. The bitch could take her ‘you’re my best, Kale…I need you’ crap and peddle it elsewhere.

Now, if it was a hot night of sex she was peddling, I just might buy.

The boss woman had an ass that made a grown man whimper. Legs that could wrap around a body and pull that sweet pussy in tight against his throbbing cock. Yeah. He might buy that. But as for her sexy little smile and those empty, tricky words ‘I need you’? Screw that. The only “need” he was gonna respond to for the next month was a tight wet pussy and a pair of nice tits. Granted E had more than enough in the nice tits department, but he wasn’t about to give up a sure thing for a fantasy and wet dreams.

Boss or no boss, Elena Delgado could take her “needs” to hell with her. He had needs of his own right now, and one of them was standing at attention just thinking about the Ice Bitch. She had a fucking lot of gall to ask him to take on a last-minute job when his planned R&R was only a few hours away. Knowing E like he did, she would probably have him diving right back into some nasty job that would keep his crew out for another three months. After the shit hole he and his men had just come out of, he was ready to kick back with a hot babe or two on a warm holo-beach with a cold beer. Or six.

Not necessarily in that order.

He ran a callused hand over his face and swore evilly under his breath at the sound of regulation uniform two-inch heels clicking angrily down the hall toward his cabin. Slamming and locking the drawer of his wall-safe, he swung impatiently around to face the woman who lived to make his life hell as she entered without knocking and closed the door behind her.

“E…you really should knock. What if I’d been jacking off?” His lips curled wickedly as those dark brown eyes quickly jumped to his firmly-closed fly and back to his face.

“You asshole. You can’t get away with trying to ignore me. I hailed you six times in the last ten minutes. Do I have to pull your R&R to get your attention?” He always got hard when the bitch talked to him in that sexy, smoky voice of hers. And he loved it when she swore at him. Made him feel special.

“You wouldn’t, E. I’m your ‘best man’, remember? You wouldn’t do something that would lose you your hardest-working employee, now…would you?” His challenging tone had the desired effect on her as she blushed from the opening of that low-cut pseudo-silk blouse to the roots of her tightly bound hair. Damn, he loved it when he made her do that. Shit. There’d been a time when he would’ve given his left nut to fuck the boss woman. God, how he’d dreamed of her on those long cold nights in space. But dreaming and wishing will get you nothing, stupid.  He knew she was so far out of his class it would never happen. Now, he just lived to enjoy flustering and frustrating the shit out of her at every turn.

 Not sure whether to pimp this one as one of EC's Men's line...

What do you think?


Fran Lee



  1. Hot cover Fran!
    Oooo he's not going to do Elena is he? I do think this one should definitely go to EC Men!
    Best wishes to you.
    XXOO Kat

    1. does start out in his pov...and guys think waaaay differently than women. LOL!

  2. Love the cover, Fran. Yup, EC Men!

  3. Absolutely send Sex For My Mercenary in for EC Men, Fran!!

    And great cover for Broken Rules! I loved both of those stories. Congrats on having them together in print.

    1. Of course, the name is just a suggested may change...but you are all's definitely one for EC Men.

  4. Oooh, love him already. Yep... EC men. Let us know when it comes out...

  5. What a great cover! And another wonderful excerpt!

    EC's men's line sounds like a great place to go.

    1. Thanks Gabrielle! is geared for that line, but I think women will like it as well.


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