Saturday, August 11, 2012

Licking Her Wounds

You may have met Cal...

Cal was Gar's little brother (even though there is nothing "little" about the golden leopard shifter) in Hallie's Cats.  While Gar was a huge black leopard (panther) from the Louisiana Bayous, Cal was the golden child.  Well, everyone (including reviewers) who read Hallie's Cats wanted to see Cal get a gal of his own.  So I wrote what I had tentatively titled "Cal's Omega". However, after subbing it and getting a contract offer, I was asked to find a "sexier" title.  Of course, "Cal's Omega" is certainly not very sexy.  So I deferred to my wonderful editor in her suggestion of "Licking Her Wounds".

Here's a short excerpt from Licking Her Wounds...
Licking Her Wounds
Fran Lee
Copyright 2012

Cal wanted for nothing. He had a family. He had a comfortable home. He even got to kick some Lykos ass once in a while. But still, something called out to him. Over the past few weeks, he had sensed her. He knew she was waiting. But how would he ever find her if he remained here? Lately he had been thinking seriously of striking out on his own. Maybe heading north where the others had migrated long ago. Gar had Hallie and the boys. He would miss his sibling and Gar’s small family, but there was nothing much here for him anymore. 

He could sense something else out there…something waiting for him. Something he could call his, alone.

He loved Hallie, but she didn’t need him now…and he had the deep gut feeling that someone else did. 


He recalled the fact that the boys were out of sight, and that he couldn’t hear them. Not good. He shifted his pace to a ground-swallowing run, following their scent trail easily, tracking them through the undergrowth without great concern…until another scent trail crossed theirs.

The hair lifted on the nape of his neck as the scent filled his nostrils and sent him into a mad run.


Without hesitation, he shifted, his body splintering into a sinewy mass of golden-furred muscle as his clothes shredded and fell away with every powerful leap. He called out with his mind for the boys, and heard a shaky, whispering voice in his head.

Help me.

Not theirs.

Veering toward it, he leapt over a fallen tree and bounded like sinuous lightning into the small clearing where two little figures stood, close together, on guard as he had taught them, staring intently at a small silver-grey wolf that was standing just outside the tree cover on the opposite side of the glade.

Dog…you are gonna die…

Cal landed squarely between the boys and the wolf, creating a barrier with his big body as he crouched in front of them, his ears flattened to his skull, his massive fangs bared in a vicious snarl. The wolf didn’t try to run, yet made no move to attack. Cal hissed and batted the air between them with a set of deadly, flared-out claws, showing the wolf what awaited it should the beast make a single move.

It was Jet who said excitedly, “She’s hurt, Uncle Cal.” And a small hand came to rest on his bristling shoulder. Cal drew in a deep breath at the calming touch, but didn’t relax his guard.

She’ll be dead if she makes a move toward you. Stay behind me.

I don't have a cover or a release date yet.  I will let you know when I do.


Fran Lee


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