Thursday, August 30, 2012

A hodge podge

~  For some reason, I can't post a picture to the blog? I tried using Google Chrome (it just hangs up with waiting) and Internet Explorer (allows me to select a picture but when I try to insert it I get a server error) - any suggestions?

~  Believe it or not, the holiday season has started in my world! I did some Christmas shopping yesterday! How I love catalogues.

~ When I was searching for random things to blog about, one of the "Today in History" sites listed Jimmy Carter being attacked by a rabbit while fishing in 1973 as a noteable event!!??!!

~  Hubby and I want to take a long weekend this fall to go to Boston to visit my brother and his family. I hear all the time about sites offering cheap airfare. What I've learned is that my idea of cheap is apparently outdated! Also, in order to get these great deals, we would have to hop around the country! One of the flight plans I found had three stops and turned the under two hour direct flight time into a over seven hour trip!! We could drive there in thirteen hours!

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. The new airfare prices are totally sobering!
    I hope you get a bargain and really enjoy the trip.
    XXOO Kat

    1. We're going to go, bargain or not, but keeping costs reasonable will aid in my overall enjoyment of the experience!! :)

  2. I have two airline credit cards, Southwest and Alaska - and they let me travel all over without any trouble whatsoever. I hate those discount travel sites - not worth it.

    1. I know we should get a airline mileage credit card again, but years ago we had one and it was almost impossible to use the points/miles. What I need to do is get over my past bad experience!


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