Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Headstrong Hero

I'm experiencing an interesting creative relationship with Brad, the hero of my current wip. In the beginning, I thought I knew him so well, but he's leading me a merry chase!?!

He's made it clear he's not a policeman or sheriff, instead he works for the Department of Natural Resources. It still deals with the enforcement of laws, and since he met the heroine Alicia in a science class during college, it made good sense.

In my mind, Brad started out as a wolf shifter. Well, he doesn't want to be one! He has friends who are, he's a protector of their way of life, but he wants to be 100% human. Okay, as long as someone is shifting I'm good with it.

Here's the kicker. In this m/f story, Brad is insisting his friend Tom has an active role in his relationship with Alicia! Now, you all know I love to write menage, but I just never pictured Brad as a sharing kind of guy. He's not letting it go though, so I'm re-working a few things at the beginning of the story to make it work.

Alicia is giddy with excitement!!!


I just received notification that Hana's Handyman will release on October 31st!!!

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  1. I have a hero who has decided to take a different direction than I planned. He's causing me all sorts of issues because I'm on a tight deadline. I'm making notes to go back and insert information. Hope it turns out perfectly for you.

    Yay! Can't wait for Hana's Handyman.

    1. You have a headstrong hero while on a tight deadline? That man needs to cut you some slack!!!

  2. Don't you love when a hero takes charge? Enjoy!
    I can't wait to read "Hanna's Handyman" this one sounds so good.
    XXOO Kat

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oops, had to delete my first reply due to it making no sense!!!!

      I knew Brad was an "in charge" character but I had no idea he was going to "take charge" of writing the story!!!

  3. Totally cool, Tess. I like headstrong heroes. I do agree with Kat, it's very interesting when a character takes charge of his or her own destiny.

    1. The process is a lot of re-writing but I'm truly enjoying letting Brad show me who he wants to be!

  4. Very true...your heroes are marvelous and headstrong as hell. LOL!


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