Thursday, July 12, 2012

Knock On Wood

The other day my work buddies, my daughter and I enjoyed a delightful lunch at our favorite Asian restaurant. As is our way, at the end of the meal, fortune cookies were opened and read from right to left around the table. Two were quite profound, one was incredibly stupid, and one made no sense at all.

I was the last person to crack open a cookie. It was EMPTY!!!

 I don't consider myself to be an overly superstitious person. However, I do try to be mindful of spelling. For some reason, I just hit 'thesaurus' after spell-checking 'superstitious', and was surprised that the words irrational, gullible and illogical came up.

Irrational - my instant fear over the lack of a fortune in my cookie.
Gullible - my worrying about not getting a fortune in my cookie.
Illogical - my instant fear over the lack of a fortune in my cookie.

Have a great weekend - 
Don't step on any cracks in the sidewalk,
Don't walk under ladders,
Don't let black cats cross your path,
Toss some salt over your shoulder!



  1. I'm not over supertitious...hmmm, I believe I am. :)

  2. Tessie, I think you should accept the empty fortune cookie as an excellent omen that you have been given carte blanche to write your own fortune. What are you going manifest? : )
    XXOO Kat

  3. No way! An empty fortune cookie? I agree with Kat - a good omen - you make your own fortune.

  4. Come to think of it, I've had a few cookies lately without fortunes inside. I remedied the situation by taking another cookie! : )
    XXOO Kat

  5. Superstitions are a part of existence. We hear things like "Spilled salt? Quick! Toss some over your shoulder!" and "Break a mirror and suffer seven years of bad luck". A black cat crosses your path means someone will die? Walking under a ladder brings bad luck?

    You hear repeat think about it, and voila! It's in the back of your mind forever. I have owned many black cats and if I tried to avoid letting them cross my path, I would get nowhere. I avoid ladders because things fall and I hate paint splats on my clothes. If I spill salt, I share some with the gods of the floor...just like when I drop an ice cube on the kitchen's to share with the floor gods. If I break a mirror I will inevitably step on a shard of glass with my bare feet. There are very good reasons not to want to do those things...but luck has nothing to do with them. Happy Friday 13th.

  6. You ladies are awesome!! I absolutely love 'empty fortune cookie, so write your own'! And the self-fulfilling aspect of superstitions is oh so true!

    What has me smiling from ear to ear is the fact that it never crossed my mind I posted a blog on this subject on the eve of Friday the 13th!!??!!


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