Monday, July 23, 2012

ALL tied up! Corsets for you?

French, late 17th century

Two weeks ago, my buddy and Sassy 7 gal, Nicole Austin, sent me an invitation to join Pinterest. I accepted, saying to self, another way to promote, and asking self, How Much Time will this one cost me?
But I am here to wave and shout and declare I am a convert!
Why? Cuz wow, I love being able to declare my interests by clicking.
Sounds weird, but I like it! And to my delight, I have folks who follow me!
1864-, American
1880, European. Silk.
Aside from astonishingly lovely pix of MEN (alleluia!) and couples in a clinch, I have a great time with finding vintage or museum quality attire that I crave to put into my historicals.
Looks painful!

Approx. 1775, French.
I have found items at the Metropolitan Museum in New York (one of my favorite museums especially for their medieval armor collection but also these) and at local museums which have been so kind as to post their priceless treasures.
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  1. Ouch...these remind me of the latex girdles my mom used to shimmy into before church every Sunday...sheer torture! LOL!

  2. Gorgeous! I love corsets.
    XXOO Kat

  3. I'm picturing the scene in Gone With the Wind where Scarlett is holding onto the bed post while Mammy pulls her corset strings!!


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