Monday, June 18, 2012

That's what I like about sheriffs, cowboys and Ranges.
These men are hard lovin' guys. Tough to lasso. Easy to love. But oh, so rewarding to tie down!
I know. I live in Texas and see them everywhere! The grocery store, be still my heart. The airport in their best duds, white Resistol in summers. (In fact, I know I am in the right gate waiting to fly home when I see all the men decked out in their white straws and pressed jeans. sigh.)
In Hard Drivin' Man, my Texan is a sweet guy who has loved one woman all his life.
But so did his brother.
And that was a darn shame.
To one person who tells me here in comments why they love cowboys, sheriffs or other such western dreamboats, I will giveaway a copy of HARD DRIVIN' MAN.
And for your entertainment, here are the reasons I love cowboys:

1. I love their humor. Quick. Pithy. Wicked. They are funnier than a one armed cheerleader at the championship game. Always. (Comes from trying to eek out a living pounding desert and rocks!)
2. I love their hats. Big. Black. White. Tall. Gambler. Stetson. Resistol. Does not matter. Every man looks good in a hat. Tanned. Hard. Pale eyed specimens of testosterone.  Most are just plain beeee-u-tiful!
3. I love their hips. Lean. Muscular. ‘Nuf said.
4. I love their Friday night pressed- for-the-dance-hall jeans. A man hasta look like he’s courtin’!
5. I love that they know how to dance! Hot damn! The men here know how to do the Two Step and line dance. Give me a man like that, puleese, for a few spins around the floor.
6. I love that they open car doors and other doors. They take their hat off to you and darn, if they don’t smile and say, “Howdy, ma’am.”
Get to know a few of my cowboys and sheriffs and ranchers, would you?
My newest is a ménage a quatre, ROPE ME IN from EC
Need a few more laughs, try Mae and West in IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET? 99 cents until July 6!
And if you want a female sheriff, try I CAUGHT THE SHERIFF.
Adios, Darlin’


  1. I just love cowboys. They are competent and courageous and they look amazing in jeans!

  2. Are there women out there who can't appreciate the sexy earthiness of a cowboy?
    Cerise you have an amazing collection of Cowboys to offer your lucky readers.
    XXOO Kat

  3. Cowboys are "real" men in the best ways!!


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