Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Zoom--It just gets faster and busier...

The past weeks have been super busy. Last week I finished edits on something new Amber Skyze and I have been working on for Loose Id Publishing. As soon we have our new book cover and promo together, I’ll post it here. I can’t wait to share it.

Meanwhile I’ll still working on the second book in the series and that book is really interesting too. I’m loving this collaborative project, learning a lot and always trying to write faster!

Amber and I started off with the idea that we were going to write a series of 30k paranormal stories. The books grew and grew… Each of the books is now a full-length novel and packed with action and surprises.

So far my new publisher Loose Id has been a dream to work with.

“Something Wicked This Way Comes Volume 2” has been receiving some great reviews.

Long and Short Reviews (Formerly Whipped Cream Reviews) gave “SWTWC V2” 4.5 Stars!

Read the full review here:

Chatty Girls Book Reviews had this to say:

“- Asterion by Katalina Leon: I actually quite liked this one.  The story (especially in the beginning) was really quite interesting.  It was atmospheric and intriguing.  The characters were Good especially Darron who was all kinds of cute and endearing. There was a plot which I really liked.  I would have liked more of it and think it would make a great full length novel.  The ending felt rushed which was a real shame.”
(Sorry Chatty Girl… we were only allowed about two weeks time and 13k or 27 pages. Anthologies provide authors with an interesting challenge. We have to do our best to fill a small space with a big impression.)

Tori MacAllister said “Something Wicked is Wickedly Delicious!”
“Asterion” by Katalina Leon
Having lost her father and her betrothed in battle, Larisa is betrayed by the weak village chief. He rows her to a remote island where a gorgeous palace, dedicated to the Minotaur, stands and where she will be a virgin sacrifice. But rather than die at the horns of a god, Larisa finds herself used to give corporeal form to an alien being, one whose chosen form is that of a handsome man bent on pleasuring her and helping humanity.
This was one of my favorite stories! I felt the reader didn’t need the couple pages of explanation about the Minotaur prior to the story, but other than that blip, it was pitch perfect. Larisa is brave and bold and the “god” who takes such on a luscious form delights in his body and Larisa’s with such abandon that you have to smile for the thousand-plus year old virgin. I was surprised to discover that Katalina Leon has written a ton of books (she has a few listed on her Goodreads page) and none of them seem to be myth based like this story. I’ll be trying one of her books to see if she can delight me again.

(Tori, I am rebuilding my website following a catastrophic data crash. I should be up and running by July. I have to build the website myself and slave over the artwork and graphic etc… I’m picky and I just need more hours in the day.)
Thank you for the reviews ladies! It’s very much appreciated.
Have a wonderful week everyone.


  1. Why did the type do that? Oh dear...
    That beautiful blue dragon is not our book cover I just wish it was. : )
    No book covers yet, but they're coming soon.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Congrats on the review! And I cannot wait for your collaborative book - post the cover as soon as you get it!

    1. Hi Julia, I'm always in thrilled suspense over a new book cover... Hopefully it will arrive soon and I'll love it.
      XXOO Kat

  3. Congratulations on the fantastic reviews Asterion is receiving! I love that story!
    And wow, I can't wait to read what you and Amber have created!

  4. Thank you Tessie! It's been a lot of work but fortunately we'll be able to start sharing it soon.
    XXOO Kat

  5. Congrats on the fantastic reviews. I can't wait to share our projects with the world. :)


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