Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm Pondering

So yesterday I was browsing the internet, checking emails and blogs, shopping, playing a few games of spider solitaire, pretty much anything except working on my WIP! I ran across a number of posts/reviews regarding a certain current #1 bestselling erotic romance novel that apparently is on its way to becoming a movie (the story possibly selling for 5 million dollars or more).

I have not read this book. Will I, who knows?

What fascinates me is the incredible buzz this book has created, the highly conflicting reviews and the level of emotion that both critics and fans are displaying. Whether this story is the best romance novel ever written, or utter drivel doesn't really matter anymore - it is the hot topic of the moment. The other day, my favorite morning  radio talk program had one of the DJ's mother reading excerpts and she and the callers were making fun of the 'purple prose' and repetition of key descriptive terms. For the first time ever (to the best of my knowledge), the weekend TV news broadcasts in my area have had segments discussing romance novels.

My thoughts, questions and general musings are:

1.  Congratulations to you, E.L. James!!!!!!!

2.  How did this book become a media phenomenon - word of mouth, publisher promo, social media, the author walking it into local booksellers, blogging, or an act of God?

3.  Again, I haven't read the book, but so many comments are negative regarding the quality of writing; is it possible that this was a tongue-in-cheek poke at the erotic romance genre that was lost on the general public? If so, even more congrats to the author and publisher!

4.  How do the plethora of ultra-talented authors who are writing for smaller publishers or self-pubbing get their works noticed by the public?

5.  Is figuring out and defining the difference between 'erotic romance', 'erotica' and 'romance' really that Earth shattering?? In my extremely limited perusal, there are thousands of posts, articles, comments, etc. on the subject. People are freakishly fired up about this topic!

6.  I'm beyond proud to be part of the literary community who write fictional stories which celebrate sexuality, empowerment, freedom of expression, and acceptance of all kinds of beings and their lifestyles!!

Okay, I'll say it, yes, I've imagined "hitting the big time" as an author. Thoughts of being able to give up my day job while providing extra comfort and security for my family are a fun fantasy. Reality, however, is the most important, and having multiple books published, steady sales, and making dear friends through the process are a dream come true! 

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I think the current buzz is actually about the public's discomfort with female sexuality. In the media women's sexuality is almost always viewed from a male perspective. 50 Shades Of Gray is the female POV.
    E L James created a perfect storm of fan fiction that has a following attached, a heroine who is a virgin, and men who are powerful with something to offer her in exchange for taking the risk...
    Simply said its familiar flavors repackaged in a new way that is fun and entertaining to readers who might otherwise avoid such material.
    Good for EL James!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Act of god.

    The truth is so many writers have been there, done that. Kat is one, and her work is superb.

    I see it this way - fans of Twilight grew up and wanted a dirty version. They got it.

  3. Let's hope these ladies who are loving 50 Shades of Gray acquire a taste for more and do a little recon. I think quite a few readers will be astonished to discover the wide world of erotic-romance is already ready and waiting for them.
    XXOO Kat
    PS Thank you Julia! You write wonderfully erotic stories too. "Captured" is one of my favorite erotic Sci-fi stories of all time, which is no easy feat to pull off.

  4. Good afternoon Kat & Julia!!
    It will be fantastic if the buzz about this book contributes in any way to more public awareness of the quality erotic fiction available which celebrates women's sexuality.


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