Thursday, June 14, 2012

Endless Love

The other day I was stuck in traffic while driving home from a particularly stinky day at work. I was exhausted and not just a little bit bitchy. For some reason, I glanced to my right. What I saw instantly lifted my spirits.

An elderly couple was walking, ever so slowly, on the sidewalk. They were holding hands, and the man, who was considerably taller, was smiling broadly and gazing down at the woman, who was talking. They stopped. He laughed and she laughed. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. She patted him on the hip. They then continued on their way.  How romantic is that!!??!!

Pampering Jessica is a story about a couple married +25 years and in their 50's. They are still in love, still enjoy an active and inventive sex life, and are eagerly looking forward to the future. I received more than a bit of criticism regarding the "unbelievability" of the premise.

Excuse me???? Romance doesn't have an expiration date!

Intimacy takes on new meaning with maturity. Being in love, sharing love, and making love evolve and change through the years of a person being on the planet and the changing dynamics of the relationships they're in.

I'd bet my last dollar that those two love birds I saw on the street were eighty years old or more. Their incredibly loving interaction will stay with me forever.

Have a great weekend!



  1. That's romantic to me. It's hard to find romances that last a lifetime. I loved Pampering Jessica and I hope when my hubby and I are in our 80s we're still playful and loving.

  2. I loved Pampering Jessica! It's a beautiful love story.
    I've loved my husband 30 years and it's still "on". I feel badly that someone doesn't believe love can get better with time.
    XXOO Kat

  3. It is a beautiful story! And I'm so glad you're always there to remind us romance doesn't have an expiration date. You're one of the few authors I know unafraid to write stories with older protagonists! Nice, Tessie!

  4. Hi Amber, Kat & Julia~
    You all are so sweet to always be here commenting!
    My new WIP is about a couple who start their romance at a non-traditional age, and have to deal with issues very normal for where they are in their lives.

    1. You're writing about real life, grown-up love? Wow you are going way out there! : )
      Good for you and good for your readers. It's going to be great.
      XXOO Kat


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