Monday, June 4, 2012

Books I love! Cerise's Praise for DARK SIDE NIGHT by Maryn!

I am going to start a new topic here about books I've bought and read that I have loved. I'll dub it Cerise's Praise. CP, if you will.
No. I have not told the authors I am doing this. In most cases, I do not know the authors. I bought the books because for some reason, the blurb or excerpt appealed to me.
Am I a sucker for a cover?
Yes. But do I judge the content by that cover?
Hey! I'm an author, so that answer is a BIG FAT NO. (And I am very very picky!)
Also, I will share with you only my appreciation. I am, after all, NOT a reviewer, just a fellow traveler/reader. (And trust me, I read a lot.  Philosophy? Only the good stuff makes it here.)
So without ado, here is my first CP.
DARK SIDE NIGHT is a BDSM, club scene book. If you like that sort of setting, and I do, this one is for you!
What is unique about this book? Ah. The hero and heroine are two mature, older people who have had challenges (he more than she) and who take their time and patience learning about each other. Not only sexually but emotionally, these two are well matched. (Color me tired of those 40-something women who appear to be 20-something airheads.)
The twist at the end is one that fulfills and explains much. It gratifies. It illuminates. This shows talent which this author appreciates. Makes me smile.
The prose is strong. The characterization finely drawn. The plot, useful to her conflict.
This is the author's first for EC and I will definitely check out her works again. Especially if she gives us all once more two intelligent, caring, articulate people who know what they want and need in life—and in the bedroom!
BRAVO, Ms. Sinclair.
And I am celebrating 5 stars and RECOMMENDED READ from Two Lips Reviews for my erotic romantic comedy, IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET?


  1. This blog was a great idea. I love being introduced to new-to-me authors. Dark Side Night sounds like a good read!
    Congratulations on a 5 star review, those are so, so sweet.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Huge congrats on the 5 star review, Cerise!!!

    And I'm going to check out Dark Side Night. Strong prose & well crafted characters are definitely what I look for.

  3. Kat and Tessie, YES! WEll worth your afternoon to read DARK SIDE NIGHT!
    licking my lips.


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