Monday, May 21, 2012

Want to be ROPED IN to a grand affair?

3 men, a dungeon and 1 woman

Cara Ford is about to be...with three hunky brothers.
Ranchers. Texans.Young, lickilicious bachelors who have a special challenge only Cara Ford can fix.
ROPE ME IN is out now at EC!
Need a nibble?
Of course you do!
Excerpt, Copyright 2012 Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.

   Jed could hear Harry and Will stomping up the covered back porch, their boots dropping on the wooden floorboards as they removed them so as not to track mud and water inside.      Harry opened the kitchen door and came in first, his straight black hair bound back at the nape in a string of Comanche rawhide. Will, broader, built like a heavyweight wrestler, was right behind.
   “Hey,” Harry greeted Jed, his pale blue eyes scanning the kitchen for Cara.    “How we doing here?”
   “Good.” Jed nodded toward their new bathroom, then continued to set the table for dinner. “Getting showered and changed. Slow and easy does it.”
   “Does she have any ideas of what we had planned for her?” Will asked Jed, skeptical after years of looking for a woman to bed and wed that any one female could satisfy his hunger for lusty sex.
   Jed chuckled at his youngest sibling.   “Not yet. Let her learn us slowly. We researched her well.”
   “Yeah. With a helper she might not thank if she ever finds out.” Will nodded.
    Jed agreed. “We’ll cross that bridge if we ever come to it.”
   Will smacked his lips. “She is even sweeter up close and personal. I’d hate to blow this to hell now that she’s here. Good thinking to keep her box and hope she’d deliver ours.”
   “She’s intrigued, for sure,” Harry confirmed. “But shy.”
   “It’s not like we have no experience courting women,” Will pointed out.
   Harry stared at him deadpan. “Ya think? Seems in the last few years all we found were the ones who’d slept around so much, they’d catch fire if they didn’t sweat.”
   Will took a glass from a cabinet and filled it with water. “Remember the one in Dallas who turned out to be a professional roller derby gal?” He took a long drink as the other two groaned. “Hell in high heels. Mean as a bobcat.”
   “Her IQ equaled her bra size,” Harry confirmed. “My personal fave was the conniving redhead in Waco who hustled us all the time to shoot pool before she let us take her to the private room and play with her.   Lost two months’ wages to her.”
   Will choked on laughter. “Look at it this way. She inspired you to improve your game.”
   “Not judging my women by their hair color any longer, am I? No. ’Nuf said.”
   Will scowled. “I want a woman who’s real. No three-dollar wigs or false teeth.”
   Harry grimaced. “None were that bad.”
   “No, but you get me.”
   Jed crossed his arms. “So yeah, we went hunting in the wrong places and came home sorry. We wised up. Looked in our own backyard. Checked first for character.”
   “We’ve still got work to do. Cara’s been abused,” Will said with disgust. “Her asshole husband used his mouth on her and that’s a heavy load to take from her.”
   “Underneath, she’s right as rain,” Jed declared. “Needs a little gentling, that’s all.”
   "So we’ll give her a hand up,” Will said.
   “Hmm.” Harry widened his eyes. “Maybe more than a hand.”
   “She’s got some spunk and sass to her all right,” Jed acknowledged. “And she might not be a natural submissive.”
   “Fine by me,” Will retorted. “But with her interest in lingerie and the way she lights up around us, I’d say she’s up for sex with boys and toys. She’s got an eye for us. So maybe we can help her out of her funk after Mister Ball and Chain. Not knowing anything finer existed, she let her instinct lead her to get hitched to the wrong kind of fencepost.”
    Harry frowned at the hallway toward the bath. “Hope to god we can change that.”
   Jed smiled. “If you have patience with her, Harry, and Will, if you can show her some of that Jolly Green Giant brawn, we’ll light her fire.”
   Harry elbowed his brother. “Right. Let’s get cleaned up so we can show her what gentlemen can do for her. And you,” he tsked at Jed, “stop being housemother here. Go get yourself all bright and sparkly. I want to sit down and get to know her in the best circumstances.”
   “I’ll go. But you two need to have some time with her alone. I’ve already made my impression. Laid the groundwork for us. But I told you, I’ll not make first claim on her just because I’m the oldest. Or the first to have some regular time with her.”
   Will slicked back his unruly black curls and laughed for the first time in months. “If we get this right, we’ll each get a chance to show her how good we can be.”
   Harry grinned. “Then we’ll go for the gold.”
   Jed agreed. “Get a move on. She’s here for the duration of the storm. If it stops any time soon, we’ve lost the best chance to show her we’re human.”
   “And if it lasts all night?” Harry waggled his slashing black brows in anticipation. “We might have a strong chance to entertain her for more than supper.”
   “Hope, as Ma used to say, springs eternal,” Jed told him. “Go!”
ENJOY THE REST of the story, the first in my new series, KNIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER, about the town of Bravado Texas, where the men are good and plenty...and lonely!


  1. Congratulations Cerise, this sounds like a lot of fun! I love the cover too.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Fantastic excerpt, Cerise!! I can't wait to read this one - Congrats on the release!!


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