Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stealing Ideas

I’ve been doing a lot of non-fiction writing, along with working on my current wip. I’m also reading how-to books trying to strengthen my skills. I recently read how often writers claim their ideas are stolen. Now I’ve read this many times in my career but it always fascinates me. Who are we to say someone stole our ideas? As writers we’re always looking for new ideas. It’s very possible to come up with the same idea as another writer. The difference will always be the voice – in fiction or non-fiction.

Back about 15 years ago (likely longer) I loved Danielle Steele books. I wanted to write like her. I did write a book with the same type of tone, setting, etc. that book stills sits in a drawer somewhere and will likely never see the light of day. So much has changed since I wrote that book. For one cell phones came in to play. Anyway, I came up with a great idea for another book. I started writing it. Six months later Danielle published a book…it was THE idea. I don’t want to say MY idea because frankly she wrote the book and subbed it long before I thought of it. But at the time I did wish I’d written it before her and subbed it. Though, the likelihood of me being published back then was slim to none. I had no clue of the publishing world. To say I was naïve was an understatement.

Some days I’d like to go back to those days of naivete. Life was simpler. I just wrote and didn’t worry if I’d sell or if readers would accept me. The only thing I did know was no one was stealing my ideas.

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Happy Tuesday 


  1. In my other life, in another business I was frequently surprised to find myself doing exactly what a rival was doing down to smallest detail. It did come as a real surprise to see how truly connected we are. On some level we do share a common mind.
    I love the cover for Ignite the Flames! It's such a great collection.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Thanks Kat! I love the cover too.

  3. Well, sometimes it's coincidence. Or great minds think alike, or something in the water. I have had work stolen - the thief didn't even bother to change the names of the characters. So... it does happen and it's very unfortunate.
    Nice cover, Amber!

  4. Yes, Julia sometimes people do steal. I've heard a lot of authors saying people are stealing their books. I can't understand how they feel they can get away with this. It saddens me. I hope those who do that are taken down by the law.
    What I'm talking about though is just ideas. Not entire books.

  5. Great cover! Honestly, there are only so many different ideas. But you are right, it's the author's tone and spin that makes it their own. I just watch a movie this weekend that was very similar to a piece that's waiting to be written. Don't know if I will still write it but maybe...

  6. I know that feeling Marie. I am pushing a book that I believe a movie was done. It drives me crazy because I didn't get the idea from the movie...they must have stolen it from me. LOL ;)

  7. I try to remember that great thoughts travel in packs...those who grab them as they race by are the one who benefit from writing them down. I wrote most of my stories many years back...but I see other stories that are so very much like them out there, that it's scary.


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