Saturday, May 5, 2012

So many of my friends have new books out!

I have been buying books all week...

I have been buying luscious books and reading them as fast as I buy. Yum!  Oddly enough, reading great books seems to get my own juices going, and I have revised and subbed two books that I thought I would never be able to change. Sigh. Thanks everyone for giving me a boost!

I believe that spending a couple of bucks on good books is a marvelous way to while away the hours when you are too frustrated to write, and need a breather.  It's also a way to help support your friends. Everyone can use a nice royalty check. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Cinco de Mayo!


Fran Lee


  1. Hi Fran, happy Saturday, enjoy your reading.
    Great news about the two new submissions, best wishes.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Book shopping is my favorite shopping experience!
    I know hours of satisfying fun are to follow!


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