Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is My Memory Really So Bad?

As I glance up at my credenza here in my author's cave, I count 11 hanging paper reminders of passwords and phone numbers, along with two 8 1/2 x11 sheets of paper on my desk to the left of my laptop with friend's upcoming release dates and notes regarding my current wip. At least one scrap of paper is paper clipped to the strap of my purse most days. I email myself regarding things to be done. I write appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events on multiple different calendars. My dog's medicine schedule is taped to a kitchen cupboard. The other day, afraid I was going to forget an important lunch meeting, I called my work voice mail from my cell phone on the drive home from the office and left myself a message!!??

I work in the recycling industry - extreme paper usage is not looked upon fondly! I swear I'm not freaky busy; actually my life is way, way less complicated than it was when the kids were young, hubby and I were establishing our careers, etc. The psycho-ness of this behavior is intensified by the fact that I rarely forget things! Is it the act of obsessing about forgetting which causes me not to forget??

Other Issues On My Mind This Week:
1)  Humans need to be mindful that when you're handling your business outside, in the middle of the night, your neighbors next door are being affected!
2)  Despite paying top dollar, utter crap is available on cable TV during the day.
3)  Eventually, no matter the size of one's home, it is impossible to keep everything you want to.
4)  Isn't it the best when animal buddies snuggle with us?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm obsessive like that too, Tessie. I calendars galore and I write things on them all. I have blotters, wall calendars, and planners. Though for me I find the older I get the more forgetful I'm getting.
    Birthdays and Anniversaries I still remember without writing down.
    And I so agree about the cable...I'm tired of being robbed and getting nothing in return. :)

    1. What I find myself doing is telling someone something then half way through, realizing I've already told them!!
      Last night I buzzed through 200 channels twice then turned off the TV in sheer frustration.

    2. I used to tie strings around my fingers, but then I would forget what the strings were for. Now I just set my alarm on my cell phone and it reminds me. LOL!

  2. You don't sound crazy to me, at least you know where your important lists are, I lost mine...
    Daytime Cable? If you enjoy watching women who are desperate for approval dragging never-to-be-pleased mother's in law and sour faced friends to bridal fittings-there's plenty to see. It goes on and on all day... : (
    XXOO Kat

    1. Seriously, what is up with brides-to-be, their friends and family?? Shouldn't getting married be a happy time of life? It amazes me that with all the drama and bad behavior the weddings ever happen!

    2. I dumped my Dish Network a couple of months back. I couldn't see paying for something I never watch. I buy every new movie that looks good to me. Daytime sucks. I hardly EVER watched TV or the cable stations I paid for. And lately, every tiny bit of cash saved is another bill I can pay off...sigh...

  3. I love animal snuggly buddies! And yes, when your brain is full, you do need visible reminders.

    1. After a particularly hard day yesterday, I fell asleep with one very large dog wrapped around my head licking my ear, a medium sized one under the covers pressed against my legs, and a little one curled into a ball in my armpit area!! May sound crazy to some, but I was happy as could be!

  4. Sigh...I love my furry babies, but they don't get in my bed. Unless I want to cough up fur balls. They get to crawl all over me on the sofa, but not in my bed, no matter how much I adore them. I don't go sleep in THEIR beds! LOL! I sorta got tired of rolling a tape roller over my sheets every day. Oh. BTW. I never buy black sweaters anymore. They don't look so great covered with 2-inch gray and white hairs...:))


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