Saturday, February 25, 2012

Well, It's Saturday Again...

I've been so totally bummed out lately that I have not been able to force myself to write much.  The first review came out for Uncertainly wasn't was a four out of five...but then a dear friend also mentioned that it certainly was not of the same calibre as my previous books.  I took that more to heart than most reviews I read.  

I have been in a writer's funk for over a year as it is, so that left me feeling even more uncertain of my skills as an author.  I supposed that nobody liked my latest book, especially since very few people have let me know they liked it.  Sigh...rather pathetic, huh?

So imagine my shock when I finally managed to get a download of Just Erotic Romance Reviews' latest newsletter and reviews, and found this:

Title: Uncertainly Yours

Author: Fran Lee

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Reviewer: Barbara McCormick

Rating: 5 Stars

Heat Level: O  (orgasmic)

Jacqueline O’Halleran’s Uncle Frank left her his ranch in Wyoming and a mountain of debt. Feeling terribly alone, she returns to her childhood home and starts selling off horses and other assets to pay off what he owed. She plans to sell the ranch, until the man who rejected her as a teenager explains that she can’t because her uncle didn’t own it. Lance Blackfeather has loved Jacqueline since childhood, but had to turn her away when she was sixteen because she was too young. He knows she can’t possibly love him, but the attraction between them is volcanic. Maybe he can trick her into staying with him anyway.

I love Western romances! Uncertainly Yours comes complete with rich descriptions of Wyoming ranchland, fine characters, and a love story spiced with some really hot sex. It’s a lovely combination. Jack’s anguish at losing her only relative is palpable, as is her certainty that Lance could never love her. Lance, on the other hand, is so desirable and so ready for another chance with Jack, even though he knows he’s killed any chance of her love. Even as they each think they are deceiving the other about their feelings, their smoking sensuality and steamy bedroom scenes will have you heading for multiple cold showers. 

Ms. Lee offers just enough of the main characters’ history to flesh them out and lead us to their current dilemma. When they finally start communicating their love for each other, it’s delightful. Uncertainly Yours is a wonderful, sexy Western romance to start the year.

Well, that sort of kicked my self-pitying ass. And I was SOO enjoying wallowing around in my sadness.  I guess I have no further excuse for not getting my fanny in gear and working on my wips.  Somebody out there loved my book. LOL!


Fran Lee


  1. Way to go Fran! Seriously - a good book!

  2. Thanks, sweetie. The first review it got was terrible...3 out of 5. Then it got a 4 out of 5. I really needed this one to pick my chin up off the rug. :)

  3. Fran this is a good book. I know it's difficult to read reviews, but reviewers can be harsh.
    I know all about being in a funk. Please don't let a reviewer keep you from writing.

  4. Wonderful review! Congratulations Fran.
    XXOO Kat

  5. Fran,
    Congratulations on the wonderful review!!

  6. 5 STARS!!!!! WELL DESERVED for a great writer.
    Do not let them get to you. After all, there is no accounting for others' tastes.
    Do not read your reviews either.

  7. Thanks, sweeties! I think that I tend to take reviews way too personally. I will try to not do that in least until the next book...LOL!


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