Monday, February 13, 2012

Stealing 3,000 times!

Appalled at these criminals who steal from authors, I post here a few statistics that represent my own financial losses at ONE file sharing, i.e. PIRATE site.
This site has 23 of my works. On average, each work has been downloaded over 3,000 times. So...let's see, if each work costs on average $4.00 of which I get 40%, that equals $1.60.
$1.60 x 3000 = $4,800.00
Let's say it's $5000 for the sake of easy math. 23 works x 5000 = $115,000.00
Color me sick.
Is it that important to read something free that a thief deprives the creator of their earnings.
I send out pirate notices. It takes time. A lot of it. And my writing time is diminished because of it.
But these thieves are voracious, tricky, and criminal!
Despite all the cons to the last SOPA bill, I know we missed a great opportunity to begin the process of catching these thieves.
But Google, Yahoo and Facebook and so many others acted against authors' interests and promoted their own. Yes, I use all three providers, but boys, you did us no service to lobby against this bill.
FYI: to those of you who have never worked on legislation (and I have), once a bill is withdrawn it is DEAD, BABY, DEAD. Not to be taken up again for YEARS. So those of you who were persuaded that the SOPA bill was unfair, too restrictive, I will say here, why did you not ask that the bill be re-written?
With the death of that bill, we all missed a great chance to start to catch pirates.
I am still losing money because of these criminals.
And I bet you are too.


  1. This is so true! That bill was so poorly written. Freedom needs to protected on the internet but business on the internet is being strangled by thieves. This bill needs an immediate re-think with a narrower focus on copyright infringement and piracy. All the big pirate sights are infringing on copyright for PROFIT and those profits often go toward some very unsavory people and causes. If we use a backdoor, catch Al Capone for tax evasion approach, so be it. I think the shocking amount of wealth amassed by the New Zealand pirate "megaupload" speaks for itself.
    Dip the e-pirates in tar and dangle them from the docks! May the days of e-piracy come to an end.
    XXOO Kat

    1. Dipping in tar! FEATHERS!
      Hanging by toenails!
      I am ready.
      Have my shotgun loaded....


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