Saturday, February 4, 2012

LOL! I Guess I'll Have To Take Up Spamming...

Because no one is entering my Fran Lee's Valentine's Day Contest!

Sigh.  I swore that I would NOT SPAM and pester all my friends when I offered a contest, but it appears that one notice on every loop or blog is just not enough.  Of course, that must thrill the few who have entered, because they have a one-in-five chance of winning a HUGE Valentine's Day Gift Basket!

Most of us are on daily digest, and if you are like me, you scan over the digest or don't bother to scan at all if you have 150 e-mails in your inbox's.  My contest has been running since February 1st, and only five people have entered.  That means that the rest of my 4500-plus loop pals will miss out on a chance to win over $100 worth of great goodies!

Oh, well. It saves me loads of reading and reviewing loads of entries so I shouldn't gripe, I guess.  :P

'Nuff said about contests...I should now ask for your help with a big decision I need to make.  I am strongly considering self-publishing the books I recently got my rights back on.  One of them is my full-length novel, Dictated by Fate.  I shopped around for covers, have been reformatting them to fit a number of reader formats, etc. 

Now I need some reader feedback, since many of my wonderful author pals helped me think about the joys of self-publishing.  (LOL)

If you purchased my book, Dictated by Fate, or if you have seen the cover on the published book, please e-mail me at  and tell me what you thought of the cover/book.  I need honest feedback from readers.  Is the book worth re-releasing?  What did you love/hate about the book/cover?   The same goes for my other full-length novel, A Brief Moment of Pleasure.  I am looking for a great cover for that one, as well.  If any of you have purchased or have seen the cover on that one, I need your feedback.

The reviewers loved the books, but I want to hear from others.  So please let me know?


Fran Lee

PS...if you want to enter for my Valentine's Day Contest Gift Basket, it's over on my blog.


  1. Yeah honey, nobody's looking at my contest either. ???

  2. Well, I just went and there! :P

  3. Fran, I think both books are well worth self-publishing. A Brief Moment of Pleasure is so deserving of a better cover. Give it one and give it new life.
    Best wishes to you.
    XXOO Kat


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