Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions? I got 'em.

An Italian man, wealthy, who cooks!

For 2012, I am into FUN and $$$.
To ensure the laughs and my fat wallet, I promise myself to:
1. GO AFTER PIRATES more often.  WEEKLY.
Hey, all these people are ripping me off to the tune of thousands of $$$. What if I came to their house and did that??? Besides, Congress--those folks who haven't done anything but dither all year but collected their $150,000 salaries--are debating Our Anti-Piracy Bill like it was an attack on business. SAY WHA? Yep. Google and their buddies are fighting this bill, saying it would "criminalize" their business. NEWS FLASH: Pirates have already criminalized it. Google needs to step back, THINK and get a new way to make a buck, not off my back!
2. ADVERTISE more.
Yeah. It costs. But people, time or money? I am only one people, have only a bit of time and some money (esp. if I kill these pirates, I'll have more)!
3. Love FACEBOOK and TWITTER more.  This stuff really works to get the old name out there.
Color me happy.
4. Stop cruising the net. 'nuf said.
5. Invite all of you to come to my blog to post! Often! Any time!
6. Go to the gym 3x a week.
I need it.
My office chair is wunderbar, but it does not ensure my a$$ is any skinnier.
7. My last Res. This I am offering a saying to you for your consideration as one of your resolutions. This one, I used as a kid when things were tough. And they often were, especially at holiday time.
What is it?
One I wish some of the HOUSEWIVES of X-city, the Kardiasians (sp.?) and Snooki, and all her generation would use, cuz they give me HIVES with their narcissism!
Don't criticize and Don't complain.
Use facts only.
And the pix at the top?
Shameless Self-promo.
My very first EC release about a lovely widow and a smokin' hot Italian stud.
My Sweet.
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  1. These are great resolutions Cerise!
    I've written my Congressional Rep many times. pleading that American e-authors are a cottage industry on the way up, and we are being strangled by piracy!
    Google and other broadband providers know a huge chunk of their traffic is pirate driven and they won't willingly surrender it.
    May the days of rampant piracy come to an end.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Sounds like a plan, Special Mention #1 and #6.

    Kick-ass 2012, Cerise, and Happy New Year, everyone!

  3. Tess, Glad you like 'em. Focus is the name of my 012 game!


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