Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hugo is a Marvel!

My family and I went to see Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” in real 3D this weekend, and I thought it was an exceptional movie.

This film is so much more than it’s timid advertising campaign would lead you to believe. I found it to be a stunning emotional experience with a beautiful message underneath that we all have purpose. Hugo is filled with beautifully illustrated metaphors for life, one after another. There are far too many to name in this blog, but one of my favorites was the opening scene where an orphan boy is looking down on the city of Paris at night, from a clock tower and sees Paris as giant clockwork ticking away on itself. He has many missing pieces in his life and he’s obsessed with collecting stolen or discarded gears and springs and fixing things. He’s especially obsessed with an elegant silver automaton, a mechanical man he believes can write.

(This slightly longer trailer at least hints at the movie's true content.)

Hugo spends his days above a train station hiding from the orphan catchers in the clock towers. He keeps the clocks running and sees the world as a great machine of intermeshing gears. Scorsese allows us to watch the characters in the train station from above and it quickly becomes evident everyone here is a gear that is not quite fitting into the gears around them. True connections between characters are not being made because important pieces are missing or broken.

 (Yep, Martin deserves another prize for this beauty!)

I loved the sheer beauty of this movie and I’m afraid to spoil its many surprises. The deeper story is about the great fantasy filmmaker George Melies. With “Hugo” Martin Scorsese has created a redemptive Valentine to Melies and creative filmmakers everywhere.

The electronic 3D goggles I wore to watch the film were a bit heavy on the bridge of my nose, but they made viewing the movie in 3D a smooth as silk experience. Scorsese created sets and planned scenes specifically to create the ultimate real 3D experience and I must say Hugo thrilled me. If you see it, please try to see it in real 3D. You’ll be awed.



  1. Hello everyone! I hope the middle of the week is a sweet spot for all of you! Thanks for visiting 7SS.
    XXOO Kat

  2. I haven't seen any ads for Hugo, but I read a bit about it after watching the Golden Globes. Your review has me wanting to make a trip to the theater, Kat!

  3. So you liked it, huh. Haven't seen it but it will go on our list.

  4. Hi Tessie and Julia,
    Yes, I did enjoy Hugo a lot. It was a pleasant surprise to get more than I bargained for in terms of quality and a positive experience.
    XXOO Kat


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