Thursday, January 5, 2012

Could I be any more scattered??

*  Conflict, either internal or external is madatory in romance novels. I love the hero and heroine in my WIP but they, and the story, are currently in a conflict-free zone!!

*  Do people watch Judge Judy before they go on her show? Why would anyone show up unprepared?

*  If I'm replacing the windows in my house to increase energy efficiency and decrease outside noise, why would a sales person waste my time by pushing a single pane product with a low Energy Rating as a viable cost-saving alternative?

*  I don't want to send or receive text messages, and refuse to believe my life is lacking because of it.

*  Our new dog baby Butch, a Chihuahua mix, "screams" with excitement each time my hubby enters the house, but only barks, jumps and tail wags when my daughter or myself comes home. Our feelings are hurt. :)

*  Next week we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

*  Why is it getting harder to come up with new things to make for dinner?

*  New Year's Resolution:  FOCUS

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. What are we cooking for dinner? lol
    I did okay in the fall with meal planning, but as the heart of winter rolls around, it gets harder and harder to think of something fresh, healthy and good... I've been making a lot of soups. Thank you for reminding me to make chili the other day, my hubby especially thanks you.
    "Focus" is the new magic word!
    XXOO Kat

  2. I like the new magic word! I need to do more of it!
    Focus, focus, focus. :)

    Now what was I doing. lol

  3. You and me both, girl! Happy New Year and good luck with the windows and the focus!

  4. Hey there, Kat, Amber & Julia!!!
    Today is testing my resolution - car problems, multiple meetings, lengthy phone calls, I can't get any one thing accomplished!!!


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