Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time to re-open a "Nice Package"

Today I’m posting a little retro book promo for a book of mine that was released a bit late during last Christmas’ season, and didn’t get the attention it might have enjoyed with an earlier release date.

"Nice Package" came out last December 21st (?) and it's a story I remain very proud of.

It actually takes place the day after Christmas. Cora and Jim treat themselves to a little BDSM tinged adventure in a luxurious lodge, under mysterious circumstances... By the time they head home their lives have changed greatly for the better.

I included a little fetish of mine in this story-the prolonged tease, which includes intense arousal without release until it becomes an explosive mind-altering experience, using only your natural brain chemistry for an endorphin rush. Never tried it? Don't know what I'm talking about? Read the story and find

Blurb: Christmas chaos is over at the Emersons' house, but the real holiday fun is just beginning when Jim presents Cora with a big, beautiful gift box she's forbidden to open.

What's in the crimson mystery box?

Cora finds out, slowly, over a twenty-four-hour period. The box contains tantalizing toys, temptations, tricky games, and an invitation to an erotic adventure at a mountain lodge that will refresh their marriage and bond them as lovers. If Cora can endure one hellaciously prolonged tease, she's really going to enjoy getting a nice package.

Reader Advisory: Novel contains a scene that includes light f/f interaction.

Watch the Youtube video here:

Miz Loves Books rated "Nice Package" "Hot Stuff, #1 Top Pick and says, "The sexual tension breathes fire..." "It's like looking at the Sun."

You can read the complete review here:

Or better yet, buy “Nice Package” here:

I want to give a shout out to Tessie Bradford who’s spicy new Gem “Emily’s Destiny” is available today from Resplendence Press. It’s a really good read! Please check it out.
This is the link to Resplendence Press’ Home page:


PS. I got my Christmas lights, and a several pure red floral wreaths up yesterday. I love seeing them.

My Attempt at Self-Publishing

I'm taking my Aspen Mountain books to self-publishing. I've just about completed edits for Wild Lickins which is now Wild in Paradise. I'm making some changes, nothing huge, but enough. I love this cover and send out special thanks to Valerie Tibbs. She designed the first cover for this novella and so I asked her to design the new one. She did a fantastic job capturing exactly what I wanted.
I'm hoping to have this M/M story up on Amazon by Friday. I'll be offering it for .99 for the first week and then $1.49 after.

Next week I'll try to share my experience with self-publishing!


Monday, November 28, 2011

SOUL MATE? Got one? Get one! by Jane Rochester

Yum, yum cover, no?
SOUL MATE is one of the raving great stories of 1Night Stands at Decadent Publishing, this is Jane Rochester's first book!
APPLAUSE for a new author!
And since vampires are a thing of daily, sunny delight, here is Jane's for you.
What is it?
After her friend buys her a date from Madame Evangeline’s 1Night Stand service, Nora isn’t sure she can go through with it. Especially when she sees her date walk in. He’s way out of her league in more ways than just looks.

Angus MacInnes knows his time as Enforcer of his vampire clan is slowly driving him mad. When his brother sent him on a date, he assumed it would be a bust from the beginning. He didn’t expect to find the one woman he’s been hoping would appear for the last few centuries.
But can a vampire Enforcer smooth his rough edges enough to convince Nora that they’re Soul Mates.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Special Guest Liz Crowe!

Liz Crowe's latest release, "Specific Gravity".

Seven Sexy Scribes is honored this hectic Black Friday to have Liz Crowe as our guest. Liz has a knack for mixing business will pleasure, and that business is often the brewery business. I love these stories. The heroines live real lives and cope with real men in the workplace. We all knew beer and guys went great together, but what about beer and smart, sassy businesswomen?  These brave heroines kick-ass in bed and in business and take do take prisoners. If you enjoy the idea of finding love in the work place you've got to check out the "Brewing Passions" series. 

Thanks for having me ladies!  I’m a huge fan of the “what if” moment in fiction.  Frankly, it’s what has inspired every single published works (and some still hanging around waiting for the right publisher).  Here are a few of my favorites…
What If:

the man you keep making eye contact with across a crowded restaurant gave you a nod, and you got up, made your way to the back hall only to find him there waiting for you....

the guy you just told "no" at the door, when he tried to get you to leave AT&T and rejoin the Comcast fold, the one with the most amazing deep blue eyes and husky voice stopped in your driveway while you watched his attractive rear view, turned, came back to the door and...

that guy who hands you your coffee each morning, who seems to manage every day to brush your fingers with his just enough to give you chills is sitting down the bar from you one night, alone....

the man you have been showing houses to for months, whose emails and texts (all about houses) are borderline flirts, who opens doors and pulls out chairs at all those showings and lunches you've shared, shows up at one of your Open Houses with a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine and kisses you before you can protest....
(insert couple photo here)
your husband of twenty years rents a convertible for the weekend, fills it with your favorite picnic food and a cooler of craft beer and a blanket then drives you to a beach house and makes you scream with delight all weekend long....

the guy you've been dating a few months surprises you with strawberries and whipped cream...that you have to lick off his body....

the "date" you and your spouse of many years goes in is with another couple, and you end up in their hot tub, with the other man's lips on yours, and her fingers between your legs, while your husband watches....

the colleague you've been flirting with for months, when you aren't fighting over contracts and sales targets, is working late with you one night, and you give in to his need, and yours, right in the office hallway....

your kids' soccer coach, the one you've been admiring for a year, asks for a private conference, and fucks you silly behind the door of his office....

at a formal dinner, the amazingly hot man next to you keeps trailing his fingers along your bare shoulder, down your arm, and finally rests his hand on your thigh, exposed by a slit in your silk dress, and as you shift up in the chair you feel his fingertip on your....

the man who runs the company that is your biggest competitor, using cutthroat tactics to stay number one in your industry, meets you at a conference, buys you a drink and confesses he's wanted to kiss you since the first time he ever met you...

Specific Gravity is the last of the Brewing Passion series that includes:
The Rookie (the story that started it all)
XXXMas Ale (The Winter Street Brewing Company KNOWS how to throw a party)
The Tap Room (The Choose Your Romance Novel)
It is available TODAY at

And for her beer biz at
On Facebook as Liz Crowe
And twitter as beerwencha2

Thank you Liz, keep brewing up those steamy stories!
I wish everyone a wonderful post holiday weekend.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Thankful For Odd things

I love Thanksgiving. It’s such a beautiful holiday. I know it has its critics and its politically incorrect roots. I know many of us already eat too much, and many of us don’t have nearly enough. I know many of us don’t have loving families or friends to spend the day with and I know that must hurt.

Thanksgiving is still a great holiday. When we say what we are Thankful for, the easy things quickly come to the surface, as they should. Our families, loved ones, home, our jobs, health, our veterans, our religious and spiritual values, and of course the beautifully prepared meal usually fill the top of the list of things to be thankful for.

Before the hectic holiday season starts in earnest, may I challenge you to spend a quiet moment asking yourself what you are truly thankful for—within?

For instance, if you are a creative person, please give yourself credit for that and silently say, “I am thankful for my creativity, I can find limitless solutions.”

If you are able to forgive others, please take credit for that. Say, “I am thankful I am a forgiving person, my heart and the people around me feel lighter because of it.”

If you are persistent, be thankful and say, “I may not be the best or the first but I’m persistent, and I always reach my goal.”

See what I’m getting at? You can even go further and thank your lungs for fueling the fire, your immune system for protecting you, your skeleton for holding you up etc… There’s an endless list of things to be thankful for. So many little things work quietly within our lives like unsung heroes.

Remember women are the keystones of the household and the greater community. When we identify and tap into our strengths, those qualities thrive, and that’s what I want for all of you this season. I want you to thrive, and have lots to be thankful for in the coming year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I’m very thankful you visited Seven Sexy Scribes.


PS. The dual NaNo project with Amber Skyze is going great! I love her story and I’m always thrilled when she sends new pages to read. My story is almost 33k and it’s sweeping along. So far, so good.

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish all my friends and readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for all of you! :o)

BTW, a nice reader who took advantage of my 5 for 5 wrote a nice review you can check out here!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Reflections on heroes, bound up in...our expectations?

I crave a hero who has principles, direction, desire and persistence. Those who come to me full-blown as men who have made their marks in business or other, and have little to do other than conquer the woman of their choice seem...meh.
Yet, I seem to find so many these days between the pages of fiction.
I want a man who needs to achieve something other than...well, taking a woman to bed.
Why do I see so many men in erotic fiction who seem to have nothing else going on but desire?
Are they all bound up in our own expectations of intense, erotic coupling that we have no need to see them with sensitivities, flaws and the ability to change and adapt to their chosen mates?
Do you see this? Or am I just in the middle of a bad patch where hopping into bed ain't all there is?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Coming November 30th


Emily’s been keeping her two alpha male mates at arm’s length, fearing that with their traditional changeling values, they will try to curb her independent, free-spirited nature. She loves them both with all of her heart, but takes off to Europe when they press their suit. After a whole bunch of soul-searching, Emily’s home, ready to embrace life with her men.

Colby and Darrin have never doubted that Emily is their destined mate. They’ve played by her rules for a very long time in an effort to prove their love. The game is about to change.

Spoiler Alert: Emily's Destiny is a "shifter" story in which no actual shifting takes place!

First of all, my characters are 'changelings', which means they can take the form of any living creature. Why? Because that seems really cool to me! You could fly, run, climb or swim depending on the situation. What about actually being the eavesdropping bug on the wall?? There is narrative regarding Emily, Colby and Darrin taking different forms, but the reader never sees it.

What I wanted to explore, in a very short book, was the dynamic of a non-human threesome!! Colin is a force to be reckoned with; commanding, powerful and animalistic is the most yummy ways. Darrin is equally as powerful but not quite as alpha, definitely more layed back and playful. Emily is modern, a wee-bit more human, and, gasp, a virgin!

Did I have big fun writing this story? Yes, yes I did! 

Have a fantastic weekend~

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tessie Bradford's "Sensations"

Hot off the e-press and I do mean Hot...
Tessie Brandford's "Sensations" is sensational.

I just finished reading Tessie Bradford’s newest romance from Resplendence Publishing, “Sensations” and I loved it!

Here’s the blurb:
Vivian Walcourt is completely out of her conservative element when she finds herself at an ultra-exclusive adult club. Her free-spirited best friend may think she’s in love with one of the owners, but Vivian doesn’t believe in whirlwind courtships.

Paul Landis never imagined the woman who has haunted his dreams for years would walk into his club with his best friend’s fiancĂ©. More beautiful than ever, unattached, and worked into a heightened state of horny by the evenings entertainment, he sweeps her away to experience the very special pleasures found behind the closed doors of Sensations.

 “Sensations” has a lot to offer. It’s daring, adventurous, romantic and damn kinky as well. It’s about two people Vivian Walcourt and Paul Landis who have been co-workers in the past, felt the heat, but never acted on the mutual attraction, due to Vivian’s long-over, unhappy marriage holding them apart. They meet again several years later under surprising circumstances, and now both are free to explore the feelings that have been lurking below the surface for a very long time.

Vivian starts off as the skeptical voice of reason almost chaperoning her best friend through a risky looking love match that just seems too good to be true. Against her better judgment Vivian visits the very exclusive, high-end pleasure club named “Sensations” to see the goods for herself, and also sees gorgeous Paul Landis tending bar.

Paul immediately recognizes a second chance to be with Vivian and wastes no time, he’s all over it. There’s a lot of sparks, flirting, exotic drinks and a very erotic floorshow. Before she knows what hit her, Vivian is asking herself what else the club has to offer, and gentleman that he is, Paul is more than willing to show her…

This is where it gets good. Vivian gets to live out her naughtiest fantasies with a man she has always desired and a whole room chock-full of kinky toys and contraptions for the expert Paul to initiate her into the wild world of BDSM. As if that’s not enough Sensations is also a luxury hotel with gourmet meal room service. 
(Sign me up! I’m checking Priceline right now to see if I can get reservations.)

Paul and Vivian soon discover they are perfectly matched sexually, but also good friends with a great deal of respect for the other. As their hot weekend continues Vivian is left with many unsettling questions about what her future with Paul might be. Is this just fun or can this be forever?

Come on, you knew there would be some issues to solve and there are, but a growing sense of comfort with Paul leaves Vivian very confused about her whirlwind-romances-are-just-an-illusion stance.

I loved how Tessie kept the story hot and the scenes rolling while adding little insights about the character’s lives beyond the walls of the club. Paul and Vivian felt like real people to me, and that added greatly to my enjoyment of the story.

I do have a favorite adults-only scene in the Voyeur room with exhibitionistic sex in front of another couple including a hunky bouncer named Len. You gotta check out Len.

My conclusion is “Sensations” will cause you feel all sorts of sensations. This is a fun fast read that is very satisfying.


Tessie Bradford’s “Sensations” 
Resplendence Publishing
Here’s the buy link:

5 Books - Five Bucks!

You heard me. 5 Books for $5

Taking the lead from another Aspen Mountain author who Sandra Hicks refuses to answer I’m offering my books to anyone who want to purchase them for a steal.

Tired of not being paid for my work. Tired of the publisher who is in BREACH of her contracts I’m doing something about it. I’m selling my works for a limited time.

From November 15th-20th you can buy any 5 of the following titles for $5.

How do you score? Make a PayPal payment to, send me the receipt and I’ll forward you PDF copies of five books of your choice.

Your email should read AMP Books. In your email list the 5 you want. Easy as 1-2-3! :o)

Heat Waves – M/F

Ever wonder about the face behind the voice of a radio DJ?

Nina Walters has. She can't get enough of disc jockey Ty's sexy baritone. He has her masturbating to his voice daily. When he challenges his listeners to a contest Nina can't resist the challenge, the opportunity and will use every advantage she has or can find.

Ty is offering a dream date, with him, to one lucky winner. He's positive no one will guess the answer correctly. So, when Nina does he's floored. Being a man of his word, he goes through with the date. Sparks fly, but secrets linger. Will their heat for one another be enough to ride the waves of deception?

Mistletoe Studs – M/F/M

Meg Trainor has one wish for Christmas every year: Two men who will fulfill all her fantasies.

Santa's in a giving mood this year.

Brothers and co-owners of Turquoise Toys, Brad and Shane Griffin will give her a Christmas she'll never forget.

Wild Lickins – M/M

Sam has secretly loved Ethan for as long as he could remember. Ethan can’t see beyond his love for their Ice Cream Shoppe Wild Lickins. To escape his desires for his best friend and business partner, Sam takes off for an overdue vacation. Coral Reef, an all male resort, promises a week of sex, sun and relaxation. It’s the perfect combination to help Sam clear his mind. What it doesn’t prepare Sam for is Jim.

Can a stranger help Sam forget about his lust for Ethan? Or is there more to the distraction than meets the eye?

Sliding Home – M/M

Alex loves baseball and when the majors come knocking on his door he’s thrilled. The only thing missing from his life is a partner to share it with. Alex longs to be with his best friend, Rick. He’s loved Rick since he realized he was gay.

An evening of celebration turns to a night of pleasure between Rick and Alex. The next day Rick is confused with his feelings toward Alex.

Will Rick give in to his desires or will he let Alex walk out of his life forever?

Naughty St. Nick – M/F

Nick has fought his attraction to Emily since the summer. Work and other commitments have kept him from pursuing a relationship. Christmas is upon them and Nick finds he has free time on his hands. He devices a little plan to get her sexy body prepared for what he hopes will be a night of passion she’ll never forget.

Someone is sending Emily erotic toys. The naughty notes attached are charging her dormant body to life with promises of red hot sex. She’s not sure who her secret Santa is, but if he’s truly following the Twelve Days of Christmas she’s about to find out.

Will Emily succumb to this Naughty St. Nick?

One Tasty Night – M/F

Taylor Jax has a secret. She fantasizes about seducing longtime friend Shane Griffin. Only problem, he’s eight years her junior – too young in her mind.

During a game of truth or dare her secret is exposed. Challenged by her best friends, Taylor must go into an adult toy store and buy all the accessories needed to live out her fantasy.With another night of truth or dare looming, Taylor makes a bold move. Before her friends can dare her, she plans a full-fledged seduction.

Shane has loved Taylor for as long as he can remember. She enters his store in disguise, prompting him to tease her. To his surprise she agrees to have dinner with him. And when she propositions him he wonders - will one night be enough?

Talk Dirty to Topaz – M/F

Interior Designer Teagan Topaz doesn’t believe in love, after finding her fiancĂ© in bed doing the nasty with another woman. Nine long months later Teagan finds herself sexually frustrated, due to a recent surge of explicit sex phone calls on her business line.

Frank Black needs Teagan’s expertise to put the finishing touches on a room in his house, but he fantasizes about tying her up and ravishing her.

Will Teagan be able to resist the designs Frank has for her?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Marilyn Monroe's infamous gown, its fate and A LONG TIME COMIN'!

Like so many of my talented author friends, I try to make people live in my stories. Now, true, screen icon Marilyn Monroe is gone, sadly, but her legend in many things lives on.
In A LONG TIME COMIN', my heroine Cait Hagerty owns a vintage clothing shop on the River Walk in San Antonio. (Trust me, this area is no low rent district! So she must earn BUCKS, baby, BUCKS!) Now Cait has in her shop has the only copy of the gown ever made for Marilyn Monroe when she sang Happy Birthday to JFK in 1962.
(THIS copy is fiction.)
But this line of thinking gave me a few ideas on my heroine's personality.
Who is Cait?
A woman who likes old dresses. Okay.
But she also is rather traditional in other aspects.
She is a calm, reserved business woman who knows how to navigate the world. She understands her lover's challenges and copes with them. Perhaps better than he does!
So owning a vintage clothing store also got me a plus: I could talk about Cait's figure. Always a great idea when writing erotic romance! I could write also about the absolutely out of this world gown. WHICH incidentally, Marilyn had to be sewn into the night--the only night--she wore it when she sang Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden.
Only weeks before she died of an overdose.
The other thing you need to know about vintage clothes, this dress and their value?
MM's dress is a good example. In 1999, this dress sold at Christies' auction house for... ready? $1,267,500.00
Lots of dinero.
To see this lovely creation, go here:
And to see Marilyn sing Happy Birthday to JFK, go to YOUTUBE here: 
CIAO, my lovelies!
Find A LONG TIME COMIN' at Amazon, ARe and Smashwords for 99 cents!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Do I Listen To?

Thanks, Kat, for giving me a subject to blog about!! In her post yesterday, she asked what songs a person might select to go with the new vibrator that syncs with a music playing device. I offered “Loves My Cock” by Jackyl. This was her response:

“Tessie, I insist you blog about what's on your iPod. You're such a nice lady but frankly I suspect you have a lot of nasty hot-ass heavy metal melting your music files... lol Go Rockers!”

Get ready to laugh, everyone – I don’t have an iPod, MP3 player, or any other such high-tech device. I listen to music in the car, or on my stereo/cd player through giant headphones that cover my entire ears. And although I don’t use it often due to sound quality, I still have a working turntable and record albums!!

Now the “nasty hot-ass heavy metal” is dead on (so is the ‘nice lady’ if I’m having a good day)!! I’ve been a head banger since before the term existed. I listen to most genres of music, but loud hard-driving heavy beats, raunchy lyrics and potentially riot inducing messages have always been my favorites. It completely weirds people out since I definitely don’t look the part! Kinda like the whole being an Erotic Romance Author thing. The other day I scared the crap out of a co-worker when I started my car with the windows down and M&M blasted through the parking lot!

Going to concerts is one of my favorite recreational activities. There are certain groups or individuals I see every chance I get, but I also really enjoy discovering newer acts. My brother is my concert buddy, and nowadays the first thing we have to do is scope out people older than us before we can settle in and get our freak on. At shows like KISS, Motley Crew, Aerosmith, Tesla, Poison and Metallica, it’s not a problem. But it takes a minute longer at shows like Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, BuckCherry and Rage Against the Machine.

In closing, please allow me to again mention Jackyl. They haven’t had a new CD in a while but still occasionally tour.  A lot of people are unfamiliar with them, but if you like southern rock, I highly recommend checking out their stuff. A band that uses a chainsaw as an instrument, discharges weapons on stage, and uses the word jizz in a song should not be missed!!!! I’ve seen them 13 times in concert. Many years ago, after seeing them for the first time, I wrote a very eloquent fan letter that garnered me a back stage pass for life!!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dancing In The Sheets

My sister told me there’s a new vibrator being offered from Adam and that can be plugged into an iPod or MP3 players, so the user can enjoy the soundtrack of their choice with a matching vibration while they get off.

Good idea? Maybe. I hate to think what might happen with the wrong tunes, grating rhythms or somber tempos getting mixed up with what happens naturally when women with vivid imaginations get a little quality time with their vibrators. What if somebody messed with your music files and lined up Ethel Merman’s greatest hits to play at a crucial moment or a dour tuba solo? It could happen.

Discreet use of a buzzing vibrator in a busy household is often challenging enough. I’m not sure I can handle a private soundtrack playing loudly or worse getting caught wearing ear buds that prevent me from hearing someone politely knocking and then flinging open the bedroom door... It could happen.

I went to the Adam and Eve site and saw an eyeful of inventive, interesting and bizarre sex toys. I did not however see the magical, musical, iPod vibrator my sister mentioned. Perhaps it’s still in the R& D stage and not yet ready to send us dancing in the sheets?

I did start thinking about what music I would choose to accompany me on the musical vibrator. Just for the titles and lyrics alone I’d have to start with Johnny Cash’s “Burning Ring Of Fire”, Tom Jones “What’s New Pussycat?” and Nine Inch Nails “Closer”, but I know there are thousands of other pun song titles out there.

What songs would you put on your vibrating iPod if such amazing devices exist?


Boring Blog!

It’s four in the morning and I’m trying to think up a topic for today’s blog and realized I have nothing. Nada. Zilch. LOL

I can tell you I’m writing. Since the first of the month I’ve written about 5k. It feels good and the story is really taking shape in my mind. This is my first attempt at writing paranormal and a shape shifter so I hope I don’t disappoint anyone. :o)

I’m having a good time. I’m jealous of my writing partner too. All I can tell you is she’s going to blow you away with her book. I wake up every morning anticipating what she’s added. Katalina will not disappoint any of her readers.

They’re calling for high 60s today in New England. I’m going to enjoy the warm weather, because it will likely snow tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coming November 30th

And here is the cover for my second November release!!


Emily’s been keeping her two alpha male mates at arm’s length, fearing that with their traditional changeling values, they will try to curb her independent, free-spirited nature. She loves them both with all of her heart, but takes off to Europe when they press their suit. After a whole bunch of soul-searching, Emily’s home, ready to embrace life with her men.

Colby and Darrin have never doubted that Emily is their destined mate. They’ve played by her rules for a very long time in an effort to prove their love. The game is about to change.

I know I should be focusing on Sensations coming out next week Wednesday (11/9), but I'm really excited about this one, too!! 

Have a great weekend~


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nano is Go!

Happy All Saints and All Soul's Day!

Yesterday was the first day of NaNo and I have to boast Amber and I are off to a good start. It was a bit intimidating when Monday morning rolled around and I was still very unclear about basic details of our shared project. The kinds of things I haven’t even thought to discuss with Amber were suddenly priority one. I needed to know details such as what time of year it was or the age of our heroines and so on. I was still waiting for inspiration to hit when Amber emailed me her first 800 words, and they were good…

It was time to light a fire under me and start the pot boiling! With Amber’s help I jumped in by late-morning and didn’t stop until I had to pick my son up at school. The story started to flow and actually surprised me from page to page with where it wanted to go. It felt good to write this way. Five pages (2.2k) appeared effortlessly, which was such a relief. This summer I had days when I felt damn lucky to write a full page.

Now, most of the story is firmly playing in my head. I feel confident I have enough material to make this an interesting novella and I have Amber to thank for that. She’s a great person to brainstorm with and I always feel safe sharing even my worst ideas with her.

Writing can be lonely. It’s easy to doubt yourself or run out of steam. I’m finding it’s really wonderful to share the creative space with a partner. I’m enjoying the experience of writing as a team and I can’t wait to share the results with all of you.

So far so good. I feel like I cleared the first tough hurdle of just getting a new project moving.


NaNo Challenge

Today is the start of NaNo. In the past four years I’ve gone into the challenge with guns blazing. I’ve also managed to finish three books over 50k. Where are those three books? Sitting in the drawer of my desk. I’ve never edited them and subbed them to anyone. It’s sad really. Actually that’s a lie. I did edit the first thirty pages of one and subbed to my editor to see if it was worth finishing the edits. The book was written in 1st person and while she loved the premise she said it needed a lot of editing. I gave up on it. I did attempt to change it to 3rd person, but that fell by the wayside.
Here’s the thing…I loved the premise too. That’s why I wrote it in the first place.
This year I’m going in with my guns half-blazing. LOL I plan to complete a book, but one of only 20-25k. I don’t have time for stress and trying to reach a 50k goal would stress me out. This is also the first paranormal book I’ve ever written.
Someday I’ll go back to one of those full length novels and edit it, but for now I’m happy with my writing life. It works for me.
How about you? Will you be taking the NaNo Challenge?