Monday, February 28, 2011

Thrill me, chill me, make me love you!

James Bond?
The Tourist?
The Girl with the ...whatever rocks her world?
Desiree Holt & I have all of that for you today AND MORE with the release of our second in our NEMESIS series, UNTIL MIDNIGHT.
This one stars the owner of the private security firm, Nicole Welles, and a man she meets quite by chance on a solitary beach in a private resort far, far from the madding crowd.
Or so it should be.
And isn't.
Because someone has a grudge against Nicki and she and the man who "eliminates" him have to learn all the details.
THEN, begins a roller coaster ride, just like UNTIL THE DAWN, the first in the series that stars the women of NEMESIS.
Come meet Adam Molloy. A man you will remember. For his unique pedigree. For his style. For his wry take on life. And his love for Nicki.
Ciao, bella! Come to my blog today for a nibble:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Getting close, and I'm not finished! OH NO!!!


I have been writing like crazy, but my deadline for subbing a story to my editor is not gonna make it! I guess I will extend it to St. Paddy's Day. I have restarted six times, and it keeps getting better, but something is just...missing.

I will work on it all day today and hopefully will get it done shortly.  Wish me luck!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Super Duper Heroes!

Everything seems to be in short supply these days except super heroes. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I love these guys. I’m just a bit concerned summer movie theaters are going to be over-populated with superheroes fighting for our limited time and attention and I hate to see any of them lose.

Lately, superheroes seem to oozing out of the walls and there’s probably a super power just for that, but I’m not quite ready to cheer for “Oozing Man”.  I can’t quite picture it.

Every time I glance at the entertainment section I see a new hunk has been signed to play a superhero and what’s more American actors will play NONE of our classic superheroes.  That's right no American cheese on our all American beef patties. Our all-American superheroes have been out-sourced!

Exhibit A: Henry Cavill a 27 year old, excellent British actor who played the part of Charles Brandon in Showtime’s “The Tudors” has been signed to play the iconic role of “Superman”!!

How did this happen? Cavill is mesmerizing on screen and I may eat my hastily spoken words later, but I’m very disappointed an American actor with the classic tall dark and handsome, man of steel American good looks wasn’t chosen for the role. It seems like a shame.

Exhibit B: Andrew Garfield also British has signed on to play Spiderman. Peter Parker played by a Brit? I need to be convinced of this.

Exhibit C: Green Lantern, I loved this comic growing up. Ryan Reynolds is physically perfect to play this role but he’s Canadian. There’s nothing wrong with Canadians. We share a border with them. We’ve never gone to war with Canada. Canadians are polite decent people so I’m just going to let this one go...

Exhibit D: Eric Bana, another excellent British actor plays the Hulk. Not really a complaint, this one’s just an observation.

The next example is actually perfectly cast and I have no complaints at all. The Marvel Comic’s adaptation of “Thor” is due in theaters this May. Thor stars a towering, blond 6'4", Chris Helmsworth as the Nordic God of thunder. Watch the trailer and check out this man without a shirt—I swear on Valhalla throbbing hammer of might your pulse will thunder! 

If you saw the latest Star Trek movie you saw Chris. He played a brief but intensely moving scene as Captain George Kirk, heroically going down with the ship to save innocent lives including a newborn James T. Kirk who is born during a Romulan attack (Those Romulans, you just can’t trust them!).  

Thor looks pretty good. Bring the hammer down baby! I’m soooo buying a ticket to see this.

Captain America: Stars Chris Evans as the iconic hero with a shield. Hugo Weaving an Aussie, co-stars as the villainous Red Skull. I love the look of the art direction. This movie has a period WWII, almost Steampunk feel about it and I’m very curious to see a beefed up Chris Evans in his newly redesigned and more macho Captain America costume (They nixed the silly blue tights but you won’t miss them).

Last but certainly not least my favorite Aussie Hugh Jackman is gulping down 6,000 calories a day, that’s right I said 6,000 calories a day in order to bulk up for his upcoming role as “The Wolverine”.

This is big news in every sense of the word. Aronofsky, the same director who asked featherweight Natalie Portman to lose 20 pounds for her role in Black Swan, has ordered Hugh to bulk up to play the pugnacious part. 

Aronofsky said he wants to see Hugh looking “Stockier” in the long shots and not so much like a lean mean Clint Eastwood. (Is that a bad thing…?)

What the hell, if Aronofsky really wants “stocky” maybe I can body double for Hugh? I have a head start on the bulking up…

 I loved Wolverine comics when I was growing up and actually had a little crush on Wolverine. I filled many a spiral notebook with my own hand drawn Wolverine comics. I love Hugh Jackman and I can’t image anyone else physically embodying the role as well as he. 

“Wolverine 2” is a pre-sold ticket for me!

Did I miss any summer superheroes? Let me know if I did.
Thor movie trailer:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stuck in Edits

I planned to have something intelligent to share with you all this week, but that changed when edits for All or Nothing arrived. I'm doing some intense edits with my new editor. It's all for making the story stronger! That's all I ask for.
I'm also doing edits for Love Revisited - well I finished those. I only needed to change two things in 12 pages. That isn't too bad. :o)

So until next week...know I'm knee deep in edits.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Lakota Heroes...

I am back at work on my third in a series of Native American Heroes...

I found my hero in a dream three nights ago, and I got up to get him on paper (or should I say, on word.doc).  He is one of the men from my past. Patterned after a wonderful Native American man who caught my imagination and made my pre-teen heart go pitter-pat.

I wrote several short stories about him in grade school, Jr. High School, and High School, but I never managed to get him exactly right. Of course now that I write erotic stuff, I can make him as hot as he should be. LOL!

When I was a kid in school, I had a wonderful teacher who migrated into my little home town from California, met the man of her dreams, and stayed to teach school.  The first time it really snowed, she got so excited, she excused the whole class to go out and run around in the big fluffy flakes, catching them on her tongue and her try to grab them in her hands. Unfortunately, the Principal saw us, and we all had to go back into the classroom while she got a stern lecture. But the spontaneity of that wonderful moment will never leave my mind. 

She was my favorite teacher, hands down.  And the man she married was a full blood Goshute who worked the railroad. I saved the tiny little piece of wedding cake that she put into tiny white boxes for each of her class. I broke off the icing, of use letting good sugar go to waste, right? But I had that bitty box for many years. I may still have it, buried away in my storage unit in my old old old stuff.

But I was her love of Native American Lore that led her to her hubby, and led me to a greater love for the many wonderful tribes that surrounded me where I grew up. Some of my best pals were NA kids, and when we played cowboy and Indians, I always got stuck with the cowboy part, when I wanted desperately to be Chief Snake in the Grass. Sigh.

So now I am resurrecting that marvelous Native American man I drooled over so many years back. I am going to have this finished as I resolved, within the next week.

See you later...
Fran Lee

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anny Cook is here!

We have a very special guest today, Anny Cook!!


Tessie said, "Introduce yourself!"

I am Anny Cook, author of eighteen published titles ranging from a short novel for an anthology to several longer novels. I have written two fantasy series plus several paranormal and contemporary romances. All my erotic romances, whether two people or more, have one important thing in common—love with a happy ending.

Reader, author, wife, parent and grandmother, I fit it all in my busy life. I've moved over forty times, lived in six states, and worked jobs as varied as fast food, warehousing, teaching adult education classes and executive secretary. Now officially retired, I began writing in 2005 when I found myself at loose ends after yet another move. Married to the same man over forty-three years, I currently lives with my house hunk in Maryland.

My newest release--Phantom's Rest from Passion in Print--is set in an RV park for permanent residents. Readers ask why an RV park? Well, I have a confession to make. For much of my life, I lived in trailer parks. And I'm tired of that expression "trailer trash". Part of the perpetration of that expression is due to stereotyped characters in romance books. Yep. It's true.

Every time I read about a trashy woman who lives in a trailer park, I just want to cringe. From experience, I can tell you the same percentage of trashy women live in apartments, high tone neighborhoods, small family neighborhoods, and anywhere else you can think of. But our perception of that expression "trailer park" is visceral and immediate. It means cheap, junk cars, trash in the yard, and loose women with their beer drinkin' men.

My children were called trailer trash most of their lives though their home was more expensive to live in than the brick home three blocks away. And our park had far more rigid rules than the fanciest subdivisions in our town.

I decided to introduce readers to the real people who live in trailer parks, but for the purposes of my story, I needed some movement among the inhabitants so I settled on an RV park. In my park, the Phantom's Rest, there are families, singles, elders all living together in harmony along with the ghosts of Phantom's Rest. When assassins come to town and threaten one of their own, they all join together to defend her.

I'm so proud that Passion in Print--the heterosexual imprint of Man Love Romances--liked my story, too! I want to thank Tessie for having me as her guest!

Phantom’s Rest by Anny Cook from Passion in Print

When Beauregard Barker leaves his military career due to injuries, he takes refuge at the Phantom’s Rest RV Park, expecting no more than a place to recover as he helps renovate the park. First he discovers the place is full of ghosts. Then Emmeline Fairchild arrives for her annual stay and everything changes. Beau falls hard for the shy calligrapher who’s being stalked by a killer. Whatever it takes, he’s determined to keep her safe and persuade her he’s the man for her.


Narrow shafts of sunlight sneaked past the blinds to bombard him in the face. Grumpily, Beau rolled over and pulled the lumpy pillow over his head. A series of muffled thumps from outside invaded his restless sleep.

Woobie whined.

Beau groped in the covers for Woobie’s “baby”—a tattered, ragged teddy bear—and tossed it in her direction.

Then the familiar strains of a man singing something Italian wove their way from next door. Vaguely, he recognized the artist as one of Aunt Agatha’s favorites, though his name escaped Beau at the moment. When the volume abruptly grew louder, Woobie lifted her head and howled along with the singer in a doggie duet. The music soared to a towering crescendo as Woobie ended on a high note.

Cursing, Beau sat up and glared at the door. The melody sounded a lot like opera—his least favorite genre of music. When the singer switched from operatic Italian to a hypnotic Spanish number accompanied by flashy guitar work, his patience reached its limits. While Woobie soulfully howled along with the new song, Beau knuckled his burning eyes, listening to his dog in disbelief. He leaned over, groping on the floor for his clothes. Finally, he snatched up his plaid boxers, jerking them on wrong side out before leaping from his camper to storm his way to the driveway next door.

His eyes were bloodshot from the inside out. Tiny leprechauns were lustily hammering in his head. He yelped and cursed as he stepped on a sharp stone. Hopping sideways on his bad foot, he twisted his ankle, landing squarely on his butt in a small puddle of water. Clapping his hands over his ears, he tried to block out the soaring music as the singer reached a powerful finale with Woobie howling in the background.

Abruptly, the music stopped. He closed his eyes, savoring the exquisite relief.

And then she laughed.

You can find Anny on the internet at:!/anny.cook

Thanks so much for coming by today, Anny!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Caught Kissing "Beautiful Strangers" Again!

I’m cheating today. I posted this blog earlier in the week on Whipped Cream’s Goddess Fish blog, and took part in their terrific Valentine’s Day party loop. For everyone who stopped by—thank you very much I enjoyed your company. 

For those who didn’t, here’s a second chance to read that same blog! lol

It’s so much fun to blog about first kisses. There’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful first kiss. Even a vicarious first kiss shared with fictional characters can be a big thrill.

Kissing is a subject I take seriously. I write in the erotic romance genre and I try my best to ensure kisses don’t play second fiddle to the more spectacular scene-stealers. I love writing about that magnetic first kiss where the reader knows with certainty the characters involved are destined to be lovers.

I absolutely love kissing and I have to admit that a million years ago when I was single, I let more than a few interesting young men go simply because they just couldn’t kiss!

I’m not sorry I did it either. I had my best interests in mind. I wanted to spend my life with a man who could kiss and fortunately I found one.

My advice to younger women or any woman for that matter is to holdout for a great kisser. You won’t regret it. 

Kissing tells a woman everything she needs to know about what to expect romantically from a man. A man’s level of patience, caring, sensuality and self-restraint all figure into this affectionate exchange.

The first kiss I want to share today is from “Beautiful Stranger”. In this scene David and Lily are on their first date. Things are going great until they run into Lily’s ex-husband Jimmy, in a restaurant in the French Quarter. Lily has just decided to go away with David for the weekend.

His fingers stroked her hand. “You’re not doing this to make Jimmy jealous?”

She felt a little shiver of electricity pass between. “I’m doing this one hundred-percent for me.” Her heart raced.

The lazy, sexy look of a big cat crossed David’s face. His hand dropped below the table and brushed against her thigh. “I think you made the right choice,” he whispered.

Her body shivered as David’s fingertips grazed the hem of her skirt. Her skin warmed from his slightest touch. Her heart raced. It already felt as if they were lovers.

(And later in the meal…)
David’s fingertips gently brushed the side of her cheek. “I’m glad you’re with me. I almost feel sorry for him.” He moved closer to her and casually draped an arm around her shoulder. He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “I think he’s a complete fool.”

“Me too. I’m glad we agree on that.” She smiled when she realized David was acting a bit territorial toward her and she liked it. “You arranged a beautiful dinner and I’m sorry Jimmy showed up. I’m not going to let him spoil our evening. He’s not important anymore, let’s just ignore him.” 

She looked into David’s eyes. Warmth and understanding brimmed in his eyes. Her body wanted to lean toward him and be close. His attitude was so relaxed she hoped it would rub off on her. He was the perfect man to run away with for the weekend.

He leaned over and causally kissed her as if they were well-acquainted lovers.

At first touch his full lips barely brushed against hers. His touch was light but the kiss sent an electric tingle through her that rocked her body backward against the seat. Her breath caught. His actions were restrained but the desire behind them was immense and unbounded. Heat radiated off the surface of his skin. The temperature between them rose. 

She was almost startled when her senses snapped to attention and took notice of every detail. Her blood rushed. Dear god, he felt good. How did he convey so much longing into one tiny kiss? Butterflies fluttered in her chest.

He didn’t pull away. He stayed close.

She was acutely aware he was only a hairbreadth away. He waited for her to come to him. She leaned forward and tentatively returned a single soft kiss. 

It felt so right. She wanted more. Without thinking, her hands reached out and gently caressed the sides of his face. Her fingers tangled in his hair. She felt his warm breath on her cheek. Her lips parted and gently glided against his. She pressed her lips against his soft mouth. His full lips begged to be nipped and gently dragged her teeth across the cushioned softness. 

David felt so good. He took her breath away. Had she ever enjoyed a first kiss this much? He had such a beautiful mouth, what would it feel like to have David’s soft kisses stray between her thighs? Her throat tensed. She crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together beneath the table. A sharp thrill zipped through her. She wanted to wrap her legs around him and cover his face in kisses. This could get out of hand fast. It felt so natural to kiss David. He was so good to be near. She wanted to go on kissing him but reminded herself they were in a restaurant and the tablecloth couldn’t hide everything that was going on. She breathlessly broke the kiss and slowly pulled back.

David and Lily don’t stay in the restaurant for long…lol
I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.

Katalina Leon “Beautiful Stranger” Ellora’s Cave Sophisticate Line.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Throwing In the Towel?

There comes a time when we as writer’s wonder if what we’re doing is worth the time. Is what I’m doing reaching people? Do they like what I’m writing? Can I continue to produce books worth reading? I face these demons frequently. Lately I’ve been struggling with giving up more than ever.
I’m going through a lot of personal and professional issues. I’m at a point in my writing career where I’m not sure where I want to go with it. What should be my next steps? And in all honesty is my writing any good.
I wish I could share the struggles I’m going through personally, but at this point I can’t. I’m hoping in the next few weeks I can. One of the reasons I want to share is the writer community is so supportive and caring. You’ve helped me through one of the most challenging times of my life. I know you’ll be here for me again.
That being said, a writer friend has been here for me when I feel like giving up. She’s offered me a shoulder to cry on, words of encouragement and honest feedback to my concerns. I’m blessed to have her as a friend. I’m sure we all are. Thanks Katalina Leon.
That’s not saying others aren’t there too. The bottom line is this profession is a very lonely business. You need to have someone to talk to and share what you’re feeling. The most likely choice would be another writer. They know what you’re going through. Don’t struggle on your own. Talk it out.
The bottom line is we came into this business for a reason - a love for the written word. I want my motto to be "Never Give Up".
While I’m not giving up I am reassessing my career and where I see myself in the future.
How do you handle the doubts?

Monday, February 14, 2011

The lover who didn't work out...and thank goodness.

 I think Valentine's Day provides a great moment to recall the Ones Who Didn't Work Out.
The one you thought was so cool when you began to date who...mellowed (I use the term loosely) so much he faded. Like bad wallpaper. And was just as exciting.
Or the one who was getting divorced. And wow, after a few hot and heavy dates, you decided that his soon-to-be-ex was RIGHT ON. He was a DUD. (Not a Dude. DUD.) Yes, ma'am.
Or how about the guy who treated you reaaaaaaally well. Had brains. Money. Spent it on you, too. Dinner.

Theater. Then proceeded to act like an ass and chased you around his living room. (Why did you/I go there in the first place? Ah. Well. Good question. Smart ass answer, too.)
Or the guy your mother adored?
And the one your father hated?
THEY HAD something there!
I count myself fortunate that I left all those bad duds in the dust.
And my honey is my Valentine every day of the week.
And the cover of I CAUGHT THE SHERIFF is lickable, no? Out tomorrow at EC!
Ciao, bella! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Romance is in the air...

Spring is just around the corner, and lovers are getting down to business...

The sun has actually come out to brighten the days the past week, and it feels SO good!  The winter's depressive gray days are breaking away to allow the light to reach us again. Just looking at this photo of a couple on a hot, delicious beach is enough to get the creative juices flowing again.  

I have actually started to spruce up my 1986 epic and dump the purple prose out of the part that I have transcribed from that set of six big old 5 1/2 inch floppy disks I created on my 1978 Atari game computer, using the Paperclip word editing program that you stick into the side like a flash drive.  

I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking so that I can transcribe the entire 400 page manuscript and start edits to bring it up to date and see what I can do with it.

It truly amazes me what you have to do to get going once you hit these slumps.  Sheesh! I am going, though...moving once again in a forward drive to defeat the enemy...that old thing we love to call writer's block, but which is, in reality, total depression and the inability to function.

I was on a roll in 2009 and then in 2010, I fizzled like a firecracker left in the rain.  I want to thank all of my friends who kicked my fanny, encouraged me, and otherwise helped me get moving in the right direction once more.
It is still an uphill roll at this point, but I am flexing muscles I haven't used in years, and I think I will manage to get it over the hump.  So welcome, Spring!  I keep pulling out these great pics and sighing. I think I can...I think I can...I know I can...I know I can...

Thanks for being so patient and so helpful...and when I have this epic finished, I will sub it and see where it takes me.
Fran Lee

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The More, The Merrier?

Julia Barrett had a guest blogger on Monday who talks about the “ick” factor in erotic romance. I highly recommend you check out the post, it is priceless, as are some of the comments!

I started thinking about things that I like and don’t like about one of my favorite erotic romance situations – ménage. My following thoughts pertain to long term ménage relationships, not just the dabbling in a bit of sharing for fun and excitement!

For the purpose of this discussion, let’s divide things into two broad categories – real world humans and everything else.

Shifters, particularly wolves, have the pack thing going. Vamps have to deal with keeping things interesting for all eternity. Aliens, well they’re aliens, pretty much anything goes. With these characters, I have no problem believing (or writing) multiple partner relationships that are happily ever after.

It, however, takes a talented author to convince me of the same outcome with contemporary humans.

Yes, I understand it is fiction, but I can’t stop myself from fixating on certain issues or aspects of the relationships. Jealousy would have to come up at some point, as would the inevitable explanations required by the other humans the ménage participants encounter in day-to-day life. What about marriage, child-bearing, retirement planning? If a book is going to be set in real life, these issues spring into my mind when I’m reading – sorry, I can’t help it! I’m not asking for every potential problem to be solved, but acknowledging at least one or two of them in the course of the story definitely adds realism!

Two or more dominant, alpha men being in a permanent ménage relationship raises huge questions for me. Eventually, wouldn’t they end up battling each other to be ‘top dog’?

I think stories with brothers and/or close family members sharing a woman are the trickiest of all. I’ve read some really good ones and some that had me squirming in my chair. It takes a skilled hand to keep them out of incest-land!

Are you a fan of threesomes (or more)?
Tessie Bradford

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My guest today is Miriam Newman. I meet Miriam on the chat loops and we share the same passion for historic romance. Miriam is an Irish lass and a very sweet and supportive author. She started her writing career as a poet and later crossed into the fantasy genre and now medieval romance. Her latest book 
“The Comet” is already # 1 at DCL Publications. So if you love conquering knights and gothic heraldry please check out “The Comet”.

An ambitious young Norman knight, Neel, is seriously wounded at the Battle of Hastings and nursed back to health by a Saxon girl, Rowena.  For her, it is only a matter of Christian duty and she is shocked to receive his proposal of marriage in return.  Her land has been conquered, her birthright stolen.  How can she love the enemy—her husband?

 (Here’s a little glint of “The Comet” to whet your appetite)

Fumbling at the gaudy tie, she drew out a necklace of stones like the eyes of a cat.  Carefully drilled and strung on a fine wire, they slid through her fingers smoothly.
“They are called topaz,” Neel explained.  Stunned, Rowena had neither moved nor spoken.  “They are the color of your eyes.  I have given Bryna a gown for you, too.  And a head covering.”  He smiled at her.  “I think you will like ours better.  All I ask is that you wear them for Christ’s Mass.” 
She remained obdurately silent, but she could not…dared not…refuse.  No doubt the gown was Norman.  He called her “little Saxon,” yet did not wish her to appear to be one.  And perhaps, if Ralf had spoken truly, he was correct and she wasn’t one at all.
“Here,” Neel said as if her acceptance was a given.  “Sit beside me and I will put it on you.”
Still mute, she perched rigidly on the edge of the mattress she had shared with him in perfect comfort when he was unconscious.  This time he was awake and aware and so was she-- jolted by every nuance as he touched her for the first time.
He was efficient, raising her wild hair with a hand holding its weight, parting it and dropping it forward over both shoulders so that he could fix the clasp of the necklace.  She felt the cold, rich stones against her collarbones and heard the tiny snick of the clasp as he put his claim on her.
He lifted her hair back carefully, not catching it in the necklace.  But he did not take his hands from her shoulders after he had done it.
She fell back upon manners, drilled into her by Bryna.  “I have nothing for you,” she said faintly.
“Then give me a kiss.”
There it was--the trap she had sensed.  She could wrest her body from beneath his hands and bolt for the door and he couldn’t stop her, but that was only postponing the inevitable.  Slowly, she turned her head to the side, not moving towards him but not moving away.
“Come,” he said softly, inching closer.  How was he doing that…hurt as he was? 
“Be careful,” she said, ambiguously.
“It’s just a kiss.”
It would be capitulation…unspoken acknowledgement of his ownership.  But just as the needs of the body had drawn her to offered food, other needs tempted her, too.  Trapped not by his hands but by her own indecision, she made no move to resist as he turned her within their circle, now at her waist.  It was an awkward position, though, leaving her in imminent danger of falling off the side of the bed.
“Better hold on,” he said, the devil incarnate.  She did, twining her hands in his fine tunic as he spread his palm against her back to support her.  The other hand cupped the back of her head.  Infinitely gentle, he lowered his face to hers, teasing at her lips.
“Very sweet,” he murmured.  It was nothing like she had thought a kiss would be.  She had imagined Ralf plunging his tongue into her as Leofric had done…pictured him groping her breast, hurting her, gross and fetid.
It was not like that at all.  Neel’s tongue traced the outline of hers lips, slow and enticing, not a bit revolting.  When his lips nudged hers gently she opened her mouth, sighing.  He kissed her slowly and deeply, a silken invasion that set her heart pounding.  Her hold on him increased, involuntarily, and she felt his response in the strength of his hand on her back, fingers splayed, supporting her.  Guiding her.  He drew her against his chest until she could feel her breasts taut and aching against his warm flesh and started to resist.  Immediately, his grip slackened and he lifted his face from hers.
“I’m only playing, little Saxon,” he whispered. 

(Wowwee, Neel can play with me any day! lol)

Thank you for dropping today, please leave Miriam a comment!

Miriam Newman, “The Comet” available now through DCL Publications and Fictionwise.
Visit Miriam’s website at:

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Each year I try to find a unique way to say I love you to my husband. I’m not a flowers and candy type of girl. Buy me something as simple as a CD and I’ll get more excited. Don’t get me wrong. I think flowers are beautiful, but they don’t last very long.
The first year the DH and I celebrated Valentine’s Day we’d only been together for 5 months. He’d make trips to NY to see me and I made trips to RI to visit him. We decided to keep the limit under $20. I think we both broke that limit, but not by much.
Personal Creations has some really cool gifts for under $20. That year I bought him a message in a bottle. I wrote him a message from my heart. I gave him a box of chocolates, because the man loves chocolate, along with Lindt’s chocolate. The message in a bottle still sits on his desk after seven years.
He gave me the most adorable stuffed dog, chocolate and cute pajamas. The most memorable part of that morning was he ran out to the market to get stuff for us to make breakfast. When he returned he had a large steaming cup of French Vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts. You’re likely saying coffee? Big deal. It was a big deal to me.
The DH doesn’t drink coffee, didn’t have a coffee maker and I can’t live without my daily dose. I didn’t mention it to him, nor did I ever. I normally grabbed my coffee when I headed home back to NY. BUT he knew. He even got the order correct. I’ll never forget that because it’s the little things to me. He knows I’m not about the extravagant.
I’m not sure what this year will bring and truthfully I haven’t got a clue what I’ll do for him. Either way I know we’ll both be happy.
Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone. Hope your day is exactly what you want.

Monday, February 7, 2011

7 days to prep for your Valentine. Need help?

Want to stay in for your Valentine's Day celebrations?
I've got goodies for you.
One a day.
Kind of like vitamins. But better. YUMMIER. Easy to do, too. Honest.
Come over and get your One A Day Valentine from moi.
Where? To my blog:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dag Nabbit!


I blew it totally! My one and only New Year's Resolution was to get a book subbed to my editor by the end of January. No such luck. Or should I say, no such get-up-and-go! LOL! You could say my get-up-and-go got-up-and-went. Somewhere else!  So I just made a major revision in my resolution...I hereby resolve to get that book to my editor no later than February 28th.

I have been going through some issues mentally and physically, but I do believe I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...unless that's the train. Oh, well...
But I must tell you, I am feeling much better. I actually feel like writing again. So while the iron is hot out of the fire, I will leave you now and get busy writing.

Fran Lee

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Different Kind of Writing

Happy Thursday!
For those experiencing the winter storm, I hope you are all safe and warm! Hubby and I enjoyed a "snow day" yesterday, but it's back to work today.
I haven't looked at my multiple WIPs in weeks for a number of reasons, but I have been doing some very important writing and editing.
My daughter graduates from Central Michigan University in May with a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Design, and a minor in English. I'm so proud of her, and pleased as punch that she wants my input in fine-tuning her portfolio, resume and cover letters!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Imbolg!

Celtic Triple Goddess Brigit
Today is a fun little holiday and one of my favorites because it celebrates breaking the grip of winter. February 2nd was once the pagan Irish holiday of “Imbolg”, which means belly or womb and signified Mother Earth was waking up once again and ready to give birth to spring.


It was also the Celtic goddess Brigit’s day. It marked a turning point in the dead of winter that candles and fires were lit in her name to celebrate the fact that the world was about to become a little brighter. Candlemas and Ground Hog’s Day are contemporary versions of this same tradition.

Today is a terrific day to light and enjoy your candles or fireplace and say a little prayer for an early spring!

In other news, “Nice Package” got a Top-Pick review from Miz Loves Books. I was mighty grateful!
This is what Miz Vanilla Heat had to say about “Nice Package”:

“Wowser! If you’re looking for a rush of emotion and a way to kickstart your libido, stop right where you are. Tap those keys and zip straight over to Ellora’s Cave to pick up your copy of Nice Package by Katalina Leon. The sexual tension breathes fire and will smoke up your entire house. Trust me. This book sizzles, simmers, and boils over with everything you want in an erotic romance.

It’s like looking up at the sun! Put on those special protective glasses when reading.

Ms. Leon starts the heat on page one and keeps it coming. But don’t for one minute believe that this book lacks story or emotion. It’s well-written and sure to satisfy all your needs. This is one of those books you’ll want to take to bed and read to your husband. Yep, it’s that kind of book. I guarantee your dear, sweet man will come to attention in more ways than one!

Dishwashing liquid has never been so sexy.

1.  “Where was a well-hung Viking warlord when you really needed one?” (But don’t worry. Our heroine was NOT disappointed.)

2.   “Take it,” he spoke softly. “You earned it.” (You have only one guess on exactly what it was he    wanted her to take. My lips are sealed, readers. Let your imagination have at it.)

3.  “I’m going to ask for the panties now.” (Do you really need a commentary from me?)
I’m Miz Vanilla Heat and I like it that way, but I like it vanilla with fudge syrup and nuts, too. There’s nothing wrong with exploring new and oh-so-sexy ways to connect with your lover, and Ms. Leon has given me plenty of ideas. She cranks up the heat and proves that vanilla couples can enjoy other flavors as well. A rainbow of tastes is coming your way with Nice Package. Break out the toys! I’m looking forward to reading a lot more of Ms. Leon’s books. Hot Stuff. Top Pick. One of the Best. Rawwrrrrr!”

Thank you Miz Vanilla Heat! (I wonder how Vanilla she really is? I might check back in a few months just to see if she’s gone butternut-fudge-ripple on us! lol)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Names Are All Over

It’s February! The shortest month of the year. I’m thrilled because Spring will get here that much quicker. We’re knee deep in snow with two more storms coming today and tomorrow. Soon we won’t be able to see driving down the streets.

Today I’m discussing names and where I find them. The truth is all over. I get them from street signs, obituaries, and television shows. My friend back in New York is working at a job that he hates and is bored out of his skull. He spends a lot of time on Facebook. Well I guess you can get a police blotter for you city through Facebook. My friend K, sends me these police blotters daily. Lately I’ve been stockpiling names from those! LOL I know I’m a bit odd, but I don’t use FULL names. I’ll take a first or last name I like and add my own other name.
So there you have it. That’s how I get my names! :o)

In other news I signed a new contract with Noble Romance. The story is called Love Revisited – Scott and Delia. These characters are from a story published in May 2009, called Rein Me In. The story appeared in the Spank Me Twice Anthology.
My story will be available April 11th.

Last but not least, my newsletter went out today. This month I’m giving away a book from my backlist along with a $25 gift card to Victoria’s Secret, Barnes and Noble or Borders. If you’re not a member sign up below. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win!
Until Next Week!