Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tessie Bradford's "Sensations"

Hot off the e-press and I do mean Hot...
Tessie Brandford's "Sensations" is sensational.

I just finished reading Tessie Bradford’s newest romance from Resplendence Publishing, “Sensations” and I loved it!

Here’s the blurb:
Vivian Walcourt is completely out of her conservative element when she finds herself at an ultra-exclusive adult club. Her free-spirited best friend may think she’s in love with one of the owners, but Vivian doesn’t believe in whirlwind courtships.

Paul Landis never imagined the woman who has haunted his dreams for years would walk into his club with his best friend’s fiancé. More beautiful than ever, unattached, and worked into a heightened state of horny by the evenings entertainment, he sweeps her away to experience the very special pleasures found behind the closed doors of Sensations.

 “Sensations” has a lot to offer. It’s daring, adventurous, romantic and damn kinky as well. It’s about two people Vivian Walcourt and Paul Landis who have been co-workers in the past, felt the heat, but never acted on the mutual attraction, due to Vivian’s long-over, unhappy marriage holding them apart. They meet again several years later under surprising circumstances, and now both are free to explore the feelings that have been lurking below the surface for a very long time.

Vivian starts off as the skeptical voice of reason almost chaperoning her best friend through a risky looking love match that just seems too good to be true. Against her better judgment Vivian visits the very exclusive, high-end pleasure club named “Sensations” to see the goods for herself, and also sees gorgeous Paul Landis tending bar.

Paul immediately recognizes a second chance to be with Vivian and wastes no time, he’s all over it. There’s a lot of sparks, flirting, exotic drinks and a very erotic floorshow. Before she knows what hit her, Vivian is asking herself what else the club has to offer, and gentleman that he is, Paul is more than willing to show her…

This is where it gets good. Vivian gets to live out her naughtiest fantasies with a man she has always desired and a whole room chock-full of kinky toys and contraptions for the expert Paul to initiate her into the wild world of BDSM. As if that’s not enough Sensations is also a luxury hotel with gourmet meal room service. 
(Sign me up! I’m checking Priceline right now to see if I can get reservations.)

Paul and Vivian soon discover they are perfectly matched sexually, but also good friends with a great deal of respect for the other. As their hot weekend continues Vivian is left with many unsettling questions about what her future with Paul might be. Is this just fun or can this be forever?

Come on, you knew there would be some issues to solve and there are, but a growing sense of comfort with Paul leaves Vivian very confused about her whirlwind-romances-are-just-an-illusion stance.

I loved how Tessie kept the story hot and the scenes rolling while adding little insights about the character’s lives beyond the walls of the club. Paul and Vivian felt like real people to me, and that added greatly to my enjoyment of the story.

I do have a favorite adults-only scene in the Voyeur room with exhibitionistic sex in front of another couple including a hunky bouncer named Len. You gotta check out Len.

My conclusion is “Sensations” will cause you feel all sorts of sensations. This is a fun fast read that is very satisfying.


Tessie Bradford’s “Sensations” 
Resplendence Publishing
Here’s the buy link:


  1. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of kinky romance!
    XXOO Kat

  2. I have my you have me wanting to put aside the other book I'm reading to start this one.


  3. Congrats, Tessie! I'm looking forward to it.

  4. sounds like a winner. Thanks Kat.

  5. Hi Amber, you'll enjoy "Sensations"!
    Hi Cindy, we love having you visit 7SS, thank you!
    HI Liz, I loved this book and you will too.
    XXOO Kat

  6. Good Morning!!

    Kat, I'm beaming from ear to ear after reading this!! Your opinion means a great deal to me! Thanks so much {{hugs}}

    Hi, Amber~
    I'm sorry I missed commenting on your post yesterday. What a fantastic opportunity for readers to own great books!!

    Thanks so much, Cindy!!

    Liz, thanks for stopping by!

  7. Sounds luscious, I can't wait to read. Congrats, Tessie!

  8. It was my pleasure Tessie, I loved it.
    Hi Tina, we love having you visit 7SS!
    XXOO Kat

  9. Go Tessie! Can't wait for the next book!

  10. Hi Julia, you're another gal with wonderful, new book releases.
    "Me and Liz" looks like a really beautiful and emotional read.
    XXOO Kat

  11. Hi Julia!!
    My post tomorrow is about my November 30th release, and today I've been frantically working on my next Erotic Gem, Getting Down To Business, which I promised RP by December 4th!!

  12. Yes indeed, Julia! "Me and Liz" sounds wonderful and is on my Kindle!


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