Friday, November 25, 2011

Special Guest Liz Crowe!

Liz Crowe's latest release, "Specific Gravity".

Seven Sexy Scribes is honored this hectic Black Friday to have Liz Crowe as our guest. Liz has a knack for mixing business will pleasure, and that business is often the brewery business. I love these stories. The heroines live real lives and cope with real men in the workplace. We all knew beer and guys went great together, but what about beer and smart, sassy businesswomen?  These brave heroines kick-ass in bed and in business and take do take prisoners. If you enjoy the idea of finding love in the work place you've got to check out the "Brewing Passions" series. 

Thanks for having me ladies!  I’m a huge fan of the “what if” moment in fiction.  Frankly, it’s what has inspired every single published works (and some still hanging around waiting for the right publisher).  Here are a few of my favorites…
What If:

the man you keep making eye contact with across a crowded restaurant gave you a nod, and you got up, made your way to the back hall only to find him there waiting for you....

the guy you just told "no" at the door, when he tried to get you to leave AT&T and rejoin the Comcast fold, the one with the most amazing deep blue eyes and husky voice stopped in your driveway while you watched his attractive rear view, turned, came back to the door and...

that guy who hands you your coffee each morning, who seems to manage every day to brush your fingers with his just enough to give you chills is sitting down the bar from you one night, alone....

the man you have been showing houses to for months, whose emails and texts (all about houses) are borderline flirts, who opens doors and pulls out chairs at all those showings and lunches you've shared, shows up at one of your Open Houses with a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine and kisses you before you can protest....
(insert couple photo here)
your husband of twenty years rents a convertible for the weekend, fills it with your favorite picnic food and a cooler of craft beer and a blanket then drives you to a beach house and makes you scream with delight all weekend long....

the guy you've been dating a few months surprises you with strawberries and whipped cream...that you have to lick off his body....

the "date" you and your spouse of many years goes in is with another couple, and you end up in their hot tub, with the other man's lips on yours, and her fingers between your legs, while your husband watches....

the colleague you've been flirting with for months, when you aren't fighting over contracts and sales targets, is working late with you one night, and you give in to his need, and yours, right in the office hallway....

your kids' soccer coach, the one you've been admiring for a year, asks for a private conference, and fucks you silly behind the door of his office....

at a formal dinner, the amazingly hot man next to you keeps trailing his fingers along your bare shoulder, down your arm, and finally rests his hand on your thigh, exposed by a slit in your silk dress, and as you shift up in the chair you feel his fingertip on your....

the man who runs the company that is your biggest competitor, using cutthroat tactics to stay number one in your industry, meets you at a conference, buys you a drink and confesses he's wanted to kiss you since the first time he ever met you...

Specific Gravity is the last of the Brewing Passion series that includes:
The Rookie (the story that started it all)
XXXMas Ale (The Winter Street Brewing Company KNOWS how to throw a party)
The Tap Room (The Choose Your Romance Novel)
It is available TODAY at

And for her beer biz at
On Facebook as Liz Crowe
And twitter as beerwencha2

Thank you Liz, keep brewing up those steamy stories!
I wish everyone a wonderful post holiday weekend.



  1. Thank you Liz for being our guest today!
    XXOO Kat

  2. thanks for having me ladies!

  3. You're welcome Liz, best wishes for big success!
    XXOO Kat

  4. Hi Liz. I just got back into to town. Whew! No shopping today, just trying to get caught up. Congratulations on the release and my review will be up next weekend. :)


  5. Hey, Liz! I like your crowded restaurant scenario. Very romantic and hot. :)

  6. Hi Harlie and Tina! Thank you for dropping by.
    XXOO Kat

  7. Thank you for taking the tine to share with us today and congratulations on the new release!!

  8. Congrats on the new release, Liz!
    Your "what if" moments started my morning off right - No coffee necessary for me!!

  9. Hi Denise and Tessie! I love those "what if" moments
    XXOO Kat


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