Monday, November 21, 2011

Reflections on heroes, bound up in...our expectations?

I crave a hero who has principles, direction, desire and persistence. Those who come to me full-blown as men who have made their marks in business or other, and have little to do other than conquer the woman of their choice seem...meh.
Yet, I seem to find so many these days between the pages of fiction.
I want a man who needs to achieve something other than...well, taking a woman to bed.
Why do I see so many men in erotic fiction who seem to have nothing else going on but desire?
Are they all bound up in our own expectations of intense, erotic coupling that we have no need to see them with sensitivities, flaws and the ability to change and adapt to their chosen mates?
Do you see this? Or am I just in the middle of a bad patch where hopping into bed ain't all there is?


  1. I agree with you Cerise. Now that erotic-romance has been around a little while, "erotic" alone ain't making it anymore. I find myself craving more of a story and stronger motivations for the lovers to jump on each other.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Absolutely, Cerise. In my opinion, a perfect hero is one with flaws, uncertainties and who is willing to change and grow in a relationship.

  3. Um...sorry...too busy drooling over the guy in ropes...just actually READ your post and am definitely with you on this. Hero types guys should have more on their minds than simple seduction. Even hot alphas can be


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