Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Thankful For Odd things

I love Thanksgiving. It’s such a beautiful holiday. I know it has its critics and its politically incorrect roots. I know many of us already eat too much, and many of us don’t have nearly enough. I know many of us don’t have loving families or friends to spend the day with and I know that must hurt.

Thanksgiving is still a great holiday. When we say what we are Thankful for, the easy things quickly come to the surface, as they should. Our families, loved ones, home, our jobs, health, our veterans, our religious and spiritual values, and of course the beautifully prepared meal usually fill the top of the list of things to be thankful for.

Before the hectic holiday season starts in earnest, may I challenge you to spend a quiet moment asking yourself what you are truly thankful for—within?

For instance, if you are a creative person, please give yourself credit for that and silently say, “I am thankful for my creativity, I can find limitless solutions.”

If you are able to forgive others, please take credit for that. Say, “I am thankful I am a forgiving person, my heart and the people around me feel lighter because of it.”

If you are persistent, be thankful and say, “I may not be the best or the first but I’m persistent, and I always reach my goal.”

See what I’m getting at? You can even go further and thank your lungs for fueling the fire, your immune system for protecting you, your skeleton for holding you up etc… There’s an endless list of things to be thankful for. So many little things work quietly within our lives like unsung heroes.

Remember women are the keystones of the household and the greater community. When we identify and tap into our strengths, those qualities thrive, and that’s what I want for all of you this season. I want you to thrive, and have lots to be thankful for in the coming year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I’m very thankful you visited Seven Sexy Scribes.


PS. The dual NaNo project with Amber Skyze is going great! I love her story and I’m always thrilled when she sends new pages to read. My story is almost 33k and it’s sweeping along. So far, so good.


  1. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!
    XXOO Kat

  2. What a beautiful post and I for one will be thinking on a deeper level tomorrow when being thankful. Not just tomorrow, but every day. We seem to take the little things for granted.

    I'm thrilled to be writing with you, Kat. I couldn't ask for a better writing partner.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. funny! and true.
    thanks Kat

  4. You're so right, Kat! There's definitely a lot of things to be thankful for that we don't normally take time to think about.

    And big congrats on your NaNo progress!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  5. Thank you Amber, Liz and Tessie. I 'm certainly grateful for everyones' friendship and support.
    XXOO Kat

  6. Thank you Julia, have a lovely holiday!
    XXOO Kat


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