Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yesterday on my blog I talked about cutting ties. In life sometimes we have to cycle things much like the seasons. October is in full swing now and while I’ll miss the summer I do enjoy a lot of things about this month.
The fall foliage in New England is just gorgeous. The brilliant colors of the leaves before they fall; reds, gold, and orange brings awe to me every year. October brings hot apple cider, doughnuts, apple picking and let’s not forget Halloween.
Up until eight years ago every October my mom, aunt, cousin and our kids would go apple picking every year. Watching the kids climb ladders or reach with little hands for the precious fruit was always rewarding as a mother. They’d pick out their pumpkins on the way out, not before going on a hay ride, ride the ponies and visit the haunted house. The orchard we went to every year had hundreds of vendors and the adults would come home with lots of goodies.
Then there’s Halloween. The DH decorates the outside of the house and has creepy stuff to scare the kids when they arrive for their treats. There have been a few years where some kids went running back to their parents without their treats.
That’s what I like about October. How about you?


  1. I'm a spring and summer girl myself. My husband on the other hand loves the fall. We used to have huge Halloween parties with our friends. I do enjoy making and eating a good apple crisp from scratch!

  2. The fall is so melancholy for me. I already miss summer. Though the foliage is beautiful, I mourn the green filling out the trees. My energy definitely wanes this time of year as if I'm slowing down for a rest with the earth.

    On a less morose note ... I do love watching the kids trick-or-treat. LOL!

  3. October/Fall is my favorite time of year. I love how the weather changes and finally cools off. I love the smells of the burning leaves and apple cider and everything you mentioned above. It's just a good time of year!

  4. BTW Happy Birthday Linda!
    I love autumn. I get a big burst of energy when it comes around. I do a major house and yard cleaning to get ready for the cool weather.
    As I mentioned in last week's blog-I feel just like a tree, autumn is the season to shed the old and strike a clean slate.
    XXOO Kat
    PS is there anything more delicious than a fresh picked Fuji or wine-sap apple?

  5. I'm definitely a summer girl Nina and Marie. :) I like the fall foliage but once it's gone I want the warm weather back! lol

    You're right Kat there is nothing more delicious.

    I'll trade you Linda. You get the cooler weather and I'll keep the warm ;)


  6. I like the smell of autumn. Here in California, I love the beginning of the rainy season because life starts again, all the golden grasses send up little green shoots.
    For a long time, this opposite existence bothered me. Now it makes me happy.

  7. Fall is my favorite time of year! I get energized with the cooler weather!


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