Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is it Saturday already?

Usually I'm not so good in the mornings...

So please bear with me here.  I have a question to ask all my's important, so listen up.  You could win a free book.  Since the end of year holiday season is already upon us, I want to know what YOUR favorite holiday is.  Leave a comment telling what it is, then send me an e-mail explaining.  If I like your explanation, I will toss your name into the hat for a copy of Nothing but Sex.  If I don't?  Well, I'll still toss you into the hat, but I'll fold your entry up into a tiny scrap of paper so you won't be as easy to find.  LOL!

Seriously, I am totally into the holidays.  Not because of all the hype and the commercial junk...but because of the depth of meaning most of them carry for me.   I want to know what your favorite holiday is, and I would love to hear about your family or personal traditions.

If you want to leave the full explanation here to share with everyone, great...just send me an e-mail telling me you entered on the blog.

The contest will run until next Saturday...then I will let you all know the winner.


Fran Lee


  1. We bring marigolds and carved Jack'o lantern's to the cemetery where many of our family members including my mother are buried. Several had late October birthdays and we always had shared Halloween birthday parties for them when they were alive, so I like to remember everyone this way and give them a mini Halloween party on the other side.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Christmas is the most special for me for so many reasons.
    The one that springs to mind this morning is the decorations.
    Both of my parents were extremely creative and artistic. For many, many years, my father relaxed by making stunning Christmas tree ornaments. My mother was a needlepointer. The gorgeous Christmas stockings that she designed are true works of art.
    One of my husband's hobbies is woodworking, and his beautiful creations join those of my parents, and we have decorations our kids made from the time they could barely hold a crayon!!


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