Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Don't Always Hate To Shop

Went shopping last night with my daughter. First we went to Toys R Us. My granddaughter turns 3 the end of this month, and is the only wee one on our Christmas list. I refuse to enter a toy store after mid-October, so we were shopping for both occasions.
The moment we walked through the door, my 22 year old WAS a 3 year old!! She squealed, had to pick up and touch everything that caught her eye, and when I disagreed with a selection, she whined! In her excitement, she knocked things off at least three shelves and she begged for her own set of Squinkies and Barbie hair extensions. By the time we got to the checkout we were laughing hysterically.
We left there and walked down to Halloween USA to get a new decoration for our front door. When we walked in, I immediately picked up a creepy hanging skeleton, then I scurried over to the various severed body parts. She disagreed with my selection, and I whined! We moved on to the makeup section and I wanted to buy new bloody slash prosthetics and she reminded me that my co-workers forbade me to gross them out at this year's Halloween Luncheon, and I whined!! We were again laughing so hard by the time we got to the checkout that people were staring.
We had a riot!!
Have a great weekend everyone~


  1. That sounds like a fun shopping adventure. I'm not a shopper either, but a trip like that with one of my daughters would have me changing my mond. :)


  2. That's the best kind of shopping, it's more like playing.
    Go back and get that scar make-up kit. I love those Halloween make-up kits! We bought a frost Vampire kit last weekend and just played with it a little early.
    XXOO Kat

  3. Hi Amber and Kat!
    I avoid shopping like the plague (except the grocery store, I'm there all the time!) but this particular outing was pure silliness and fun!

    I love messing around with Halloween makeup. We have a drawer full of pastes, powders, blood, gashes, bullet holes, plastic glass spikes, nails, etc. My favorite prop ever was a bloody neck held together by large safety pins! It completely freaked people out at first glance!

  4. Sounds like you had a real blast! How much fun you had!


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