Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Love A Challenge, I Think!

Are you a plotter or panster? Do you get up with the roosters or stay up with the vampires? Does music put you in the mood, a TV show or movie, or do you require complete silence? Which comes first, your characters or their story? An author’s creative process is as unique as the stories they craft.

When asked about my writing process, ‘linear’ is always my first response. I cannot skip around in a story. If I get stuck on something, I ponder, walk away, stare at the sentence I wrote two hours before, re-read all preceding text, watch the fish in the tank next to my desk, start a new file, and in extreme cases, go do some dreaded house chore. It is not uncommon for a WIP to remain stalled for days, or sadly more, until I figure out whatever I need to figure out.

After thoroughly enjoying challenging myself to write Matt’s Return, and Emily’s Destiny, both short, short stories, last week I started feeling the urge to write something a bit longer. I re-visited a couple of stalled WIP’s, but nothing piqued my interest.

Then, as is definitely a giant part of my creative process, I had a dream, and knew what I was writing next! – the prequel to Sensations (releasing November 9th from Resplendence)! I awoke excited and energized to write Carol and Colin’s story. I’d already given a glimpse into the characters, their whirlwind courtship, and hinted at a potential Dom/sub thing going on; hallelujah, bring on my next book!! The first three pages flowed effortlessly.

You all know where this is going, right??? ‘Pre’, i.e. ‘before’, oh crapsticks!!!

I’ve now re-read Chapter One of Sensations ad-nausea. Why did I have Carol describe her and Colin’s first meeting with such an interesting combination of detail and mystery? Okay, she’s “free-spirited”, but why is he “exactly” the type of man she needs? Why did I state more than once that their courtship happened over exactly six weeks, and why in the hell didn’t Carol call her out-of-town best friend during this whirlwind courtship?? What exactly did Colin “whip out” that first night?? I meant it to be double entendre goodness, but now….

Apparently, another challenge looms!!!!!!

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Have a great weekend!


  1. I have several prequel WIPs going and I've had all the same problems-I completely sympathize. I thought prequels would be easy and in many ways they are so much harder. I wish you the best, Sensations is great and certainly deserves a prequel!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Ack! I know how you feel but you'll do fine!

  3. I think a prequel is a great challenge. I can't imagine it being easy. Like you I'm definitely linear in writing.
    Best of luck, but I know you can conquer this challenge Tessie!


  4. Oh, yes, I've done that too. But I found it gives you greater opportunity to really know your characters.

  5. Happy Thursday, Kat, Julia & Amber!!!
    Thanks for the support, you ladies are the best!!!

  6. Janice,
    You're so right! I'm really having to "dig into" the characters to make this prequel work.


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