Monday, September 5, 2011

Biology? Plumbing? What's your sub-genre?

My Regency!
Regency, medieval, contemporary Texas!  Loving all these periods, I also write them! The challenge to change my voice has never been one.
While I attribute that to my undergrad and grad studies and my extensive world travels, I also attribute my ability to shift to my childhood when reading was an inexpensive way to pass my summertime. I was an only child, you see, and so I found great comfort in the offerings of my local library! But in addition and to my mother's dismay, I loved reading her nursing books. And to my father's confusion, I liked reading his plumber's journals.
Say what?
Yes. And to this day, I understand human biology and medical practices better than a lot of lay people. (I am also very healthy so thank god, I do not need to use much of what I know!) But as you might now gather, I understand all too readily what might be wrong with heating systems, cooling ones and regular water pipes. (Here in parched Texas, we have problems with the land so dry that the underground pipes shift, bend and crack. The water wells break down. The air in the system groans and moans. Okay, enuf, you say!)
     But now you know that Cerise not only understands physiology, biology and got great grades in Chemisty too, but she is a good plumber. 
None of that fine knowledge is in any of my books, but now that I mention it....


  1. I too am an only child, Cerise. I devoured books as a kid. Not nursing or plumbing ones, though if they were available I might have read them too!


  2. I used to dream of being an only
    Cerise, aren't you afraid an evil genius will subvert the vast and varied knowledge in your brain and use it toward world domination? Be careful... lol
    XXOO Kat

  3. Just seeing these now as I posted them in advance to appear while I was in Spain, Fr and Italy. BUT...
    Amber! The plumbing books were a gas. she said. crazy woman.
    Kat! You used to dream of being an only child, eh? wow. I knew so many folks like you and thought they might donate a sib of theirs to moi. Why did that never happen? Maybe they thought my plumbing knowledge mixed with my nursing book knowledge forboded evil doings of interior plumbing....


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