Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amber's Goings On

I’ve wanted to share writing related blogs with everyone, but I can’t seem to stream sentences together these days. I am in edits for my book I Wanna Sext U Up. No release date yet, but that’s because my editor isn’t sure how long it will take me to get them done. :o)
I really like this book. It’s about Do-It-Yourself reality show. Beckett and Riley will makeover a kitchen and he’ll help her makeover her stale sex life!
I have been thinking about writing – A LOT. One of my publishers had a call out for stories on Coming Out. There’s an idea brewing in my head. Another publisher has a call out for Legal Briefs. Both stories will be M/M. I haven’t written a M/M in ages, but having ideas is a GREAT thing for me. Maybe, just maybe once the edits are done I’ll start a new book. Wouldn’t that be nice?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Yippee! Ideas for books is a great start. You have to start somewhere.

  2. Hurray! May the ideas pour in!!
    Be patient with yourself, you knew these first few months would be difficult. I think you're making a come-back way ahead of schedule. You're amazing.
    XXOO Kat
    PS By all means write some steamy M/M!

  3. Well, go for it! I don't know how you get anything accomplished with a baby!

  4. For now they're just ideas. Hopefully eventually they'll turn into written words. :) Thanks for the kind words though.



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